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Oct-2021Arabic speech recognition using end‐to‐end deep learningAlsayadi, Hamzah A. ; Abdelhamid, Abdelaziz ; Hegazy, Islam ; Fayed, Zaki T. 
Jul-2021Data Augmentation for Arabic Speech Recognition Based on End-to-End Deep LearningAlsayadi, Hamzah ; Abdelhamid, Abdelaziz ; Islam Hegazy ; Taha, Zaki 
23-May-2022Deep Investigation of the Recent Advances in Dialectal Arabic Speech RecognitionHamzah A Alsayadi ; Islam Hegazy ; Fayed, Zaki T. ; Alotaibi, Bandar; Abdelhamid, Abdelaziz 
Sep-2020End-to-End Arabic Speech Recognition: A ReviewAbdelhamid, Abdelaziz ; Hamzah A Alsayadi ; Islam Hegazy ; Zaki Taha Fayed 
Aug-2003A Framework for Multiagent-Based System for Intrusion DetectionIslam Hegazy ; Taha Ibrahim Alarif ; Zaki Taha Fayed ; Hossam M. Faheem 
17-Jan-2017A method for contactless palm ROI extractionElSayed A. ; Ebeid H. ; Roushdy M. ; Fayed Z. 
1-Oct-2003A multi-agent based system for intrusion detectionIslam Hegazy ; Taha Al-Arif ; Z.T. Fayed ; H.M. Faheem 
16-Dec-2021Non-diacritized Arabic speech recognition based on CNN-LSTM and attention-based modelsAlsayadi, Hamzah ; Abdelhamid, Abdelaziz ; Hegazy, Islam ; Fayed, Zaki T