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Apr-2003Countercurrent Jet and Its Use in Control Irrigation StructuresAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Yehia Kamal Abdel-Monim 
Aug-2005Effect of Contraction Ratio on Local Scour Around Bridge AbutmentsAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; S.A. Ead, Y.K. Abdel-Monim, S.A. Shabayek and M.G. Soliman 
Aug-2005Effect of Time on Pipe RoughnessAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Y.K. Abdel-Monim, S.A. Ead and S.A. Shabayek 
May-2013Evaluating the performance of CCD Satellite Rainfall estimates over the Nile BasinAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Doaa Amin, Yehia Kamal, Mohamed Elshamy, Mohamed Nour and Ashraf Elā€Moustafa 
Aug-2007Scour Around Skewed Spur DikesAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; S. A. Ead, Y. K. Abdel-monim, R. M. Soliman 
1996SCOUR DOWNSTREAM POSITIVE STEPAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Yehia K. Abdel-Monim, V. Dermissis 
Aug-2007Study of the Characteristics of Drainage FiltersAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; S. A. Ead, Y. K. Abdel-Monim, E. S. El- Mergawey 
2004Techniques for Detecting Water Quality Parameters in Water CoursesAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Mahmoud M. Sayed, Dia Eldeen El Qousy, Yehia K. Abdel-Monim, and Hoda Soussa 
2009Validation of Bridge Pier and Abutment Scour EquationsAbdel-Monim, Yehia ; Yehia Kamal, Yasser E. Mostafa and Doaa M. Atta