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Sep-2012Abdominal Ultrasonography in Preterm Necrotizing Enterocolitis. Is it superior to plain Radiography?El-Shinnawy, Maha ; Kadry, Sherine ; Shebreya, Naglaa ; Shafik, Safaa 
Dec-2013The Added Value of Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging to MR Cholangiopancreatography in differentiating Malignant from Benign Extrahepatic Biliary StricturesEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; zidan, Dalia ; maarouf, Rania 
Dec-2013Can high-b-value diffusion weighted imaging differentiate between pancreatic cancer, mass forming focal pancreatitis and normal pancreas?El-Shinnawy, Maha ; Zidan, Dalia ; Maarouf, Rania 
Sep-2005Computed Tomographic Virtual Cystoscopy in Bladder TumorsEl-Shinnawy, Maha 
Sep-2007CT Injury Grading of Blunt Hepatic Trauma in Adults and Correlation with OutcomeEl-Shinnawy, Maha 
Dec-2002Diagnostic and Therapeutic Role of Ultrasonography in the Management of Pleural Diseases.diaa, Noha ; gomaa, Mohsen ; El-Shinnawy, Maha ; Elmasry,Mohamed 
Sep-2013Does the Anatomic Distribution of Acute Pulmonary Emboli at MDCT pulmonary Angiography in Oncology- population differ from that in Non-Oncology Counterpart?El-Shinnawy, Maha ; Refaat, Rania 
Jun-2010Effect and Impact of CT Severity Index on Assessment of Severity and Outcomes of Acute PancreatitisEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; Abdel Ghaffar, Maha ; Maarouf, Rania 
Jun-2006Enhanced Multidetector-row Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Suspected Acute Appendicitis and its SeverityEl-Shinnawy, Maha 
Sep-2003High resolution computed tomography in temporal bone fracturesEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; kadry, Sherine ; Diaa, Noha ; Wahba, Hassan 
Jun-2010Multidetector CT angiography in the Evaluation of Aortic DissectionEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; Kadry, Sherine ; Mostafa, Ahmed 
Sep-2012Role of CT Enterography in Assessment of Crohn’s Disease Activity: Correlation with Histopathologic diagnosisEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; Kadry, Sherine ; Mostafa, Ahmed 
Sep-2003Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Evaluation of Congenital Cerebrovascular MalformationsEl-Shinnawy, Maha ; Diaa, Noha ; Kadry, Sherine 
Sep-2008Role of Multi-slice CT Angiography (MSCTA)In Lower Limb IschemiaNasr, Any ; Abo Gamra, Sherif ; El-Shinnawy, Maha ; Gouda, Mohamed 
Dec-2008Ultrasound Guided Hydrostatic Reduction of Childhood IntussusceptionEl-Shinnawy, Maha