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Apr-2016The Application of Senge's Dimensions of the Learning Organization to the Kindergartens of EgyptNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Oct-2015Early Childhood Education and Care in the North Cape: Finland and NorwayNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
2004An Evaluative Study of the Quantitative and the Qualitative Realities in the Experimental Kindergartens at Nasr City Educational ZoneNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Jun-2009Methods and Techniques used for the Management of Organizational Conflict by the Directors of the Experimental Kindergartens: a Field Study in the East of CairoNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
2011Pre-school Education in the Baltic States and Egypt: A Comparative StudyNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Apr-2015Pre-school Education in the State of TurkeyNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
2017Pre-school Education in the States of the Australian CommonwealthNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Mar-2013Quality of Work Life in the Institutions of Child Culture in EgyptNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Feb-2010The Use of Business Process Engineering in the Application of the National Standards of the Kindergarten Teacher: a Field Study in the Experimental Kindergartens in the North of CairoNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Jun-2012The Use of Effectiveness Standards in the Initiation Stage at the Mental Schools of EgyptNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
Feb-2010The Use of the Service Marketing Mix (P7) at the Child Libraries of the Integrated Care SocietyNahla M.Loutfy Nofal 
2007The Use of the Total Quality Approach in the Development of Kindergarten Teachers' Preparation at the Egyptian UniversitiesNahla M.Loutfy Nofal