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2015Controlling of optical energy gap of Co-ferrite quantum dots in poly (methyl methacrylate) matrixEl-Sayed, H.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2018Effect of neodymium substitution on the electric and dielectric properties of Mn-Ni-Zn ferriteAgami, W.R. 
2013The effect of new ferrite/kaolin pigment on the properties of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber compositesEl-Nashar, D.E. ; Ahmed, N.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2013Effect of single and double sintering on microstructure and magnetic properties of Gd-substituted Ni-Cd ferritesEltabey, M.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2015Enhancement of the magnetic and dielectric properties of cobalt nanoferrite/polymethyl methacrylate compositesAgami, W.R. ; El-Sayed, H.M. 
2012Frequency, temperature and composition dependence of dielectric properties of Nd<sup>3+</sup> substituted Cu-Zn ferritesRahman, S.A. ; Agami, W.R. ; Eltabey, M.M. 
2014Improvement of the magnetic properties for Mn-Ni-Zn ferrites by rare earth Nd<sup>3+</sup> ion substitutionEltabey, M.M. ; Agami, W.R. ; Mohsen, H.T. 
2016Improvement of the magnetic properties of Li–Zn ferrite by Bi<sup>3+</sup> substitutionEl-Sayed, H.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2007Magnetic properties and electrical resistivity of Zr<sup>4+</sup> substituted Li-Zn FerriteSattar, A.A. ; El-Sayed, H.M. ; Agami, W.R. ; Ghani, A.A. 
2007Physical and magnetic properties of calcium-substituted Li-Zn ferriteSattar, A.A. ; El-Sayed, H.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2002Structure and optical investigation of the effect of laser radiation in stabilized poly (vinyl chloride)Nouh, S.A. ; Radwan, M.M. ; Abdel-Naby, A.S. ; Agami, W.R. ; Morsy, M. 
2003Studies on the effect of laser radiation on the thermal stability of stabilized poly(vinyl chloride)Nouh, S.A. ; Radwan, M.M. ; Agami, W.R. ; Morsy, M. 
2008Study of the electrical properties of calcium-substituted Li-Zn ferriteSattar, A.A. ; El-Sayed, H.M. ; Agami, W.R. 
2010Study of the physical and magnetic properties of Li<inf>0.3</inf>Zn<inf>0.4-x</inf>Ca<inf>x</inf>Fe<inf>2.3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> ferriteSattar, A.A. ; Agami, W.R.