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2011The Ameliorative Effect of Royal Jelly against Malathion Genotoxicity in Bone Marrow and Liver of RatAbd El-Monem, Dalia Demerdash ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia 
2012Curcumin Reduced Potato Chips and Roasted Bread Induced Chromosomal Aberrations and Micronuclei Formation in Albino RatsAli,R. A. M. ; Sayed, N. H. M. and Abd El-Monem, D. D. ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia 
2012The modulating effect of melatonin against the genotoxicity of lead acetateAbd El-Monem, D. D. ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia 
2012The Protective Effect of Melatonin against Lead Acetate toxicityAbd El-Monem, D. D. and Foaud, M. A. ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia 
2018The protective effect of N-acetyl cysteine against carbon tetrachloride toxicityFoaud, Mona Ahmed ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia ; Kamel, Afaf Hendawy