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1-Dec-2008Comparative morphological and biological studies of two Eupodid Mites : Benoinyssus Momeni and Eupodes BakeriAbou-Awad B. ; El Sawaf, Bahira ; Hassan M. ; Abdel-Khalek A. 
1-Jan-2016Effect of partial slip on peristaltic flow of a Sisko fluid with mild stenosis through a porous mediumEl-dabe N. ; Moatimid G. ; Hassan M. ; Doaa R. Mostapha 
1-Nov-2006Phase-transfer catalyzed acylation of 5(3)-hydroxy-3(5)-substituted-1H- pyrazolesAli Khalil Ali ; Hassan M. ; Mohamed M. ; El-Sayed A. 
2005Stereoselective Crossed-Aldol Condensation of Hetarylmethyl Ketones with Aromatic Aldehydes in Water : Synthesis of (2E)-3-Aryl-1-hetarylprop-2-en-1-onesKhalil, A. K. ; Sobahi T. ; Basaif S. ; Hassan M.