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2015Eco- histopathological Studies on Oreochromis niloticus Fish Living in Damietta Branch in Egypt.Shadia , M. Kadry ; Sfaa , I. Tayel ; Magda , F.H. Afify ; Radwa , Ahmed ; Kadry, shadia 
2012Effect of atrazine exposure on behavioral, haematological and biochemical aspects of female African catfish (Clarias gariepinus).Marzouk, M.S. ; Shadia M. Kadry ; Amer, A.M. ; Hanna, M.I. ; Azmy,A.H. ; Hamed, H.S. ; Kadry, shadia 
2016Hepatotoxicity of Methotrexate and the Possible Ameliorative Effect of L-Carnitine: Ultrastructural StudyM.A. Ashry, ; Shadia. M. Kadry, ; N. R. Abuzeid ; N. A. Algaw ; Kadry, shadia 
2013Influence of some micronutrients and Citharexylum quandrangular extract against liver fibrosis in Schistosoma mansoni infected mice .Shadia M. Kadry ; Mohamed , M. Azza ; Farrag , M. Ebtehal ; Fayed , B. Dalia ; Kadry, shadia 
2018Melatonin improves the therapeutic role of mesenchymal stem cells in diabetic ratsEl-Dakdoky, M.H. ; Haggag, N.Z. ; Rashed, L.A. ; Hassen, M.T. ; Kadry, shadia 
2015Possible Protective Effect of Morin ,a naturally occurring Flavonoid , on Flutamide –Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats.Mazhar, F.M. ; Shadia M. Kadry ; Hala , F. Abd-Ellah ; Sabry, H.A ; Saleh, A.S. ; Kadry, shadia 
2013Prophylactic effect of Citharexylum quadrangular extract and some micronutrients on Schistosoma infectionFarrag , M. Ebtehal ; Kadry , M. Shadia ; Mohamed , M. Azza ; Fayed , B. Dalia ; Kadry, shadia 
20-Apr-2018Prophylactic effect of vitamin b12 against silicon dioxide nanoparticles- induced hepatotoxicity in adult male ratsShadia M. Kadry ; Amany Abdelhamied Mahmoud Osman ; Aml S. Saleh ; Wafaa A. Morsy ; Kadry, shadia 
2013Vitamin E as antioxidant in female African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) exposed to chronic toxicity of atrazine.Shadia M. Kadry ; Marzouk, M.S. ; Amer, A.M. ; Azmy,A.H. ; Hamed, Heba S. ; Kadry, shadia