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2013Effect of Counseling on Patterns of Care, Stress and Life Burden on Parents of Mentally Retarded ChildrenGalila Shawky El-Ganzory1; Gehad M.Abo El Matty2 and Mona AbdelRahman3 ; Elganzory, Galila 
2014Effect of Educational Guidelines Program on Internship Nursing Students Facing Sexual Harassment Behaviortalaat, amal ; Elganzory, Galila ; Manal Houssien Nasr ; Galila Shawky El-Ganzory 
2016Effect of Relaxation Techniques in Controlling Anxiety among Patients with Essential HypertensionGalila Shawky El-Ganzoury & Amal Elias ; Elganzory, Galila 
2016Effect of Self-Care Program on Women with Postpartum DepressionSabah Metwaly 1, GalilaShawky El-Ganzory2, Omnia Al-Azazzy3 ; Elganzory, Galila 
2015Impact of counseling program on Knowledge and self-efficacy of patients withimplanted permanent pacemakerManal Houssien Nasr1, Galila Shawky El Ganzory2 and Magda Abd ElSattar Ahmed3 ; Elganzory, Galila 
2015Rehabilitation Program: Effect on Physical and Psychological Functioning of Patients with Rheumatoid ArthritisManal Houssien Nasr1, Dalia Ali Amin1, Howyda Ahmed Mohammed1 and GalilaShawky El Ganzory2 ; Elganzory, Galila 
2013Relationship Between Self-Management and Depression Among Elderly Diabetic Patients (Type 2)Fatma Abdu1 and Galila Shawky El-Ganzory2 ; Elganzory, Galila