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Jan-20018. Comparative study among microflora in El-Manzala lake water and Rashid ( Rosetta ) Estuary of Nile River, EgyptSohair A. Mostafa ; Hewedy M. A. ; Hussein E. Touliabah ; Sanaa M. Ashour ; Soad A. Abdallah 
Mar-1997Associative effect of some biofertilizers organisms on Vicia fabaMaha Amin Hamed Hewedy ; Mohamed, T.R. ; El- Shemy, A.A. 
2006Beneficial interactions between Streptomyces chibaensis, Okadin, Bradyrhizobium japonicum and SoybeanMaha A. Hewedy ; Soad, A. Sheteawi ; Kawthar, M. Tawfik 
1-Oct-2010Chemical induced grafting of indole onto chitin & chitosan - and their antimicrobial activityMokhtar, Samia ; Mostafa, T.B. ; Hewedy M. A. 
1986Comparative studies of the effect of heat on endospores and conidiospores of some thermophiles and mesophilesMostafa, S.A. ; Rizk, M.I. ; Hewedy M. A. 
2017Diagnosis of hepatitis C virus infection using a novel mouse monoclonal antibody to detect serum HCV E1/E2 antigensTouni, I. ; Tabll, A.A. ; Sobieh, Shaimaa ; Hewedy M. A. ; El Abd, Y.S. ; Viazov, S. 
2003Effect of local microbial isolate as biocontrol agent against Fusarium oxysporum root rotHewedy M. A. 
2003Isolation and characterization of some Steptomycetes spp. From Toushka's Egyptian soil with preliminary indication of unusual N2 – fixation in a local strainM. A. Hewedy 
2016Isolation of pigment producing actinomycetes from rhizosphere soil and application it in textiles dyeingKheiralla, Z.H. ; Maha Amin Hamed Hewedy ; Mohammed, H.R. ; Darwesh, O.M. 
2013Microbial impact of some streptomyces spp. Isolated from Abu Thor soil, Sinai, Egypt, in presence and absence of rare earth elementsMaha Amin Hamed Hewedy 
Jun-2001Morphological, anatomical and cytological aspects by association of each Bacillus polymyxa , Bacillus megaterium or Rhizobium Japonicum with Allium cepaMaha Amin Hamed Hewedy ; Mohamed, Th.R. ; Abdallah, S.A. 
2008Nucleotide sequences of segment five of the Egyptian banana bunchy top babuvirusHanan A. Nour El-Din ; Shaimaa M. Abdel-Salam ; Maha A. Hewedy ; S. M. Husseiny ; M. I. Salama 
2008Reduction in banana bunchy top virus infection rate by using Streptomyces chibaensis filtrateMaha A. Hewedy ; M. Husseiny Sh. ; M. I. Salama ; A. Nour-Elsein Hanan ; M. Abselsalam Shimaa 
2000The relation between Biotic and Abiotic factor in Great Bitter(El-Morra) lakesAshour S ; Hewedy M. A. ; Abdallah S ; Gab-Allah M ; Touliabah H