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Jun-2000Application of Doppler Broadening of Annihilation Radiation Technique to Evaluate the Microhardness Variations during Isochronal Annealing of Al and Al (Mn) AlloysMagda Mohammed El Sayed Abd El Wahab ; W. Arafa 
21-Jun-2011Assessment ofAtmosphericheavy metal deposition in North Egypt aerosols using neutron activation analysis and optical emission inductively coupled plasmaE.H. El-Araby , M.AbdEl-Wahab , H.M.Diab , T.M.El-Desouky , M.Mohsen ; Magda Abd El Wahab 
Oct-2014Determination of the Volume Efficiency of Hyper Pure Germanium (HPGe) Detector Using Ra- 226 Point SourceMagda Abd El Wahab ; Zeinab Y. Morsy ; Nermin El-Anwar ; Walid El-Mowafi 
Jan-2010Influence of Starch and Glycerol on the Properties of Chitosan by Positron Annihilation SpectroscopyMagda Mohammed El Sayed Abd El Wahab ; E. S. Abdou 
Aug-2005Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Microstructure of Cast Copper and Copper-Aluminum Alloys during Isochronal AnnealingMagda Mohammed El Sayed Abd El Wahab ; W. Arafa