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2006Beneficial interactions between Streptomyces chibaensis, Okadin, Bradyrhizobium japonicum and SoybeanMaha A. Hewedy ; Soad, A. Sheteawi ; Kawthar, M. Tawfik 
Jan-2001Growth and aloin production of Aloe vera and Aloe eru under different ecological conditions.Sheteawi, Soad ; Kawthar, M. Tawfik ; Zeinab 
2007Interation effect of some biofertilizers and irrigation water regime on mung bean (Vigna radiate) grow the and yieldSheteawi, Soad ; Kawthar, M. Tawfik 
2001• Water relations, transpiration rate, stomatal behaviour and leaf sap pH of Aloe vera and Aloe eruZeinab ; Kawthar, M. Tawfik ; Sheteawi, Soad