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2018Acknowledgement continuedSoussa, Hoda 
4-May-2010Flood hazard in wadi rahbaa area, egyptSoussa, Hoda ; El Feel, A.A. ; Alfy, S.Z. ; Yousif, M.S. 
2004Techniques for Detecting Water Quality Parameters in Water CoursesYehia Abdel-Monim and Dia Eldeen El Qousy Mahmoud M. Sayed ; H.Soussa 
2010Water Quality Management for a Coastal Wetland A Case Study for Lake Burullus, EgyptSoussa, Hoda ; Iman Elazizy ; Eman wasfy 
Jan-2011Wetland change detection in Nile swamps of southern Sudan using multitemporal satellite imagerySoliman, G. ; Soussa, Hoda