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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Anaerobic Enzymes as a New Technology in Animal FeedHany Gado ; AZM Salem 
2007Biological treatment of peanut hay as ruminant feedGado, Hany ; B. Borhami ; S. Soliman ; M. EL-Adawy ; E. Ghonaim ; M. Yacout 
2011Blood biochemical constituents in growing lambs fed on orange pulp ensiled with exogenous enzymesH.M. Gado ; A. Z. M. Salem ; N. E. Odongo ; B. E. Borhami 
1990Changes in some blood parameters as a function of stage and number of lactation in milking buffaloEl-Moneim, A. E. A. ; Aboulnaga, A. I. ; Hany Gado ; El-Ashry, M. A. 
1-Sep-2013Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Pleurotus ostreatus Spent Rice StrawGado, Hany ; HM Khattab ; AZM Salem ; LM Camacho ; MM El-Sayed ; AM Kholif ; AA El-Shewy ; AE Kholif 
2012Effect incremental levels of exogenous enzyme preparation on extent of ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibilties and average daily gain in steersH.M. Gado ; A. Z. M. Salem ; B. E. Borhami 
2011Effect Incremental Levels Of Zado On Cow Milk Production And And Rumen ParametersH.Gado ; B.E. Borhami 
1-Sep-2013Effect of adding Salix babylonica extracts and exogenous enzymes to basal diets on the meat quality of growing Suffolk lambsHany Gado ; JA Cayetano ; AZM Salem ; BMA Mariezcurrena ; R Rojo ; MA Cerrillo-Soto ; LM Camacho 
2010Effect of anaerobic enzyme matrix on fiber digestibilityH.M. Gado ; B. E. Borhami 
2011Effect Of Anaerobic Enzyme Matrix On The Digestibility, Rumen Parameters And Lambs Growth PerformanceH.Gado ; B.E. Borhami 
2007Effect of biological treatments by cellulolytic bacteria on chemical composition and cell wall constituents of some roughagesHany Gado ; HM Metwally ; HS Soliman ; ERIA Abd El-Galil 
2005Effect Of Biological Treatments Of Some Agricultural By-Products On Ration Digestibility And Lamb PerformanceH.M. Gado ; Fatma , Ramadan ; M. Muurad ; B, B. Matter 
2007Effect of biological treatments on sugarcane bagasse digestibility and performance of Baldi goatsHany Gado ; HM Metwally ; AZ El-Basiony ; HS Soliman ; ERI Abd El Galil 
2006Effect Of Biological Treatments On The Nutritive Value Of Rice StrawH.Gado ; Sohair A. Nasr ; Bahira K. Mohamed ; A. A. Mahrous 
1999Effect of different cellulolytic rumen bacteria on fiber digestionH.M. Gado 
2012The effect of different doses of exogenous enzymes preparation on in vitro gas production and ruminal fermentation activities of some fibrous feeds in cowsHany M. Gado ; M. M. Y. Elghandour ; C.G. Peñuelas-Rivas ; M. Ronquillo ; A. Z. M. Salem ; N. E. Odongo 
2012Effect of exogenous enzymes and <i>Salix babylonica</i>extract or their combination on haematologicalparameters in growing lambsRivero, N. ; Salem, A. ; Gado, Hany ; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, M. ; Pliego, A. ; Peñuelas, C. ; Odongo, N. 
1990Effect of formaldehyde and Urea Treatments on the Nutritive Value of Forages Fed to Sheep and GoatsH.M. Gado ; A.Y. EL-Badawi ; S.M. Ahmed ; H.M. Ali ; A.A. El-Nagar 
2015Effect of Mediterranean saltbush (Atriplex halimus) ensilaging with two developed enzyme cocktails on feed intake, nutrient digestibility and ruminal fermentation in sheepAlsersy, Haidy ; Salem, Abdelfattah Z. M. ; Borhami, Borhami E. ; Olivares, Jaime ; Hany M. Gado ; Mariezcurrena, Maria D. ; Yacuot, Mohamed H. ; Kholif, Ahmed E. ; El-Adawy, Mounir ; Hernandez, Saul R. 
2001Effect Of The Degree Of Synchrony Between Carbohydrate And Protein Sources On Utilization Of Rations By Growing SheepH.M. Gado ; A.Y. EL-Badawi ; M.H.M Yacout ; A. Abdel-Basit ; H.E.M. Kamel