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27-Feb-2014Dynamics of population growth model with fractional temporal evolutionMirzazadeh M. ; Eslami M. ; Bouthina Ahmed ; Biswas A. ; Biswas A. 
1-Jan-2014Multi-resolution analysis of wavelet like soliton solution of KdV equationBhosale B. ; Moraru L. ; Bouthina Ahmed ; Riser D. ; Biswas A. ; Biswas A. 
18-Dec-2013Solitons and other solutions to the generalized Maccari systemBouthina Ahmed ; Biswas A. ; Krishnan E. ; Kumar S. 
18-Dec-2013Topological solitons and other solutions to potential Korteweg-de Vries equationBiswas A. ; Kumar S. ; Krishnan E. ; Bouthina Ahmed ; Strong A. ; Johnson S. ; Johnson S. ; Yildirim A.