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1990Alterations in nucleic acid, protein content and mitotic division of vicia faba root tip cells as affected by Malathion and tamaron insecticidesAdam, Zakia ; Ebad F.A. ; Abou el Khair, Z.A. ; El-Sheikh I. 
2014Assessment of PunicagranatumL. extract on the mitotic arrest of plant bioassay system.Abdeltawab, sahar ; Adam, Zakia ; Sobieh S.S. 
1990Changes in meitotic behaviou and metabolic activities of vicia faba induced by Tamaron and Malathion insecticidesEbad, F.A. ; Adam, Zakia ; Abou el Khair, Z.A. ; El-Sheikh, I,A 
1987Changes in the mitotic activity and chromosomes of vicia faba root tip cells exposed to the insetiside (52 al0).El-Nahas,A.J ; Adam, Zakia 
2014Comparative Cytogenetic and Ultra-Structural Effects of Storing Dusted Seeds of Vicia faba with the Insecticide “Malathion 1%” and Two Insecticidal Active Plant Products.Adam, Zakia ; Mikhael E. ; El-Ashry Z.M. ; Ehsan N.O. ; Ali R.T. 
2008Comparative cytogenetic and ultra-structural effects of storing dusted seeds with the insecticide “dursban” and with two insecticidal active plant products on Vicia faba root meristemsAdam, Zakia ; Mikhael E. ; El-Ashry Z.M. ; Ehsan N.O. ; Ali R.T. 
1989A comparative study of the effect of Atropin and Hyoscine on vicia faba root meristems.Adam, Zakia ; El-Seddawy A.J. 
1990A comparative study of the effect of some antirohmatic dungs on vicia faba . I Effect on mitusis and protein content.Adam, Zakia ; Rashad , Th. 
1983Cytological effect of medinica plants in Qatar. III Mitotic effect of water extracts of Anastatic Hierocuntica on allium cepaShehab , A.S. ; Adam, Zakia 
1979Cytological effect of fungicides : It Meiutic effects of (Zineb) on vicia faba.Farah, O.R. ; Adam, Zakia 
1982Cytological effect of some tranqulising drugs.Shehab , A.S. ; Adam, Zakia ; Abou el Khair, Z.A. 
1989Cytological effect of water ectracts of medicinal plants in Egypt. Mitutic disturbances induced by water extracts of cymbopgon proximus (Halfabarr) on vicia fabaAdam, Zakia ; Farah, O.R. 
1987Cytological effects of medical plants water extracts. II: Influence of Ammi majus and Ammi visnaga extracts on meiosis of Vicia faba.Shehab , A.S. ; Adam, Zakia ; Rashad T.H. 
1984Cytological effects of water exracts of medicinal plants.I. influence of Ammi majus on root tips of vicia fabaAdam, Zakia ; Rashad , Th. 
1988Cytological effects of water extracts of medicinal plants in Egypt. 10: Miotic irregulars in allium cepa root meristem cells treated with solenostemma argel ( Hargal) extractAdam, Zakia ; El-Nahas, A. I. 
2009In vitro collonal propagation of Jojoba (Simmondsia chineses) (Link Schn).Mohasseb HA ; El-Bahr M.K. ; Adam, Zakia ; Morsi H ; Soliman M 
1988Induction of mitotic irrigularities in vicia faba root meristime cells after sonication.Adam, Zakia 
1983Meitoic disturbance induced by water extracts of Datura innoxia and Hyosmyamus muticus and their pure active irgradiants in vicia faba pollen mother cells.Shehab , A.S. ; Adam, Zakia ; El-Sedawy A.y 
1988Mitodepressive effect of Dature innoxia and Hyoscyamus muticus extract on vicia faba.Adam, Zakia ; El-Seddawy A.J. 
2018Molecular Diversity Analysis of Two in vitro and Irradiated Potato Varities Expressed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNAEl-Fiki A ; Adam, Zakia ; Mohamed T ; Sobieh S ; Amal S