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2013Anaerobic Enzymes as a New Technology in Animal FeedHany Gado ; AZM Salem 
1-Sep-2013Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Pleurotus ostreatus Spent Rice StrawGado, Hany ; HM Khattab ; AZM Salem ; LM Camacho ; MM El-Sayed ; AM Kholif ; AA El-Shewy ; AE Kholif 
1-Sep-2013Effect of adding Salix babylonica extracts and exogenous enzymes to basal diets on the meat quality of growing Suffolk lambsHany Gado ; JA Cayetano ; AZM Salem ; BMA Mariezcurrena ; R Rojo ; MA Cerrillo-Soto ; LM Camacho 
1-Sep-2013Effects of Exogenous Enzymes and Salix babylonica L. Extract on Cellular Immune Response and its Correlation with Average Daily Weight Gain in Growing LambsHany Gado ; N Rivero ; AZM Salem ; MG Ronquillo ; MA Cerrillo-Soto ; LM Camacho ; CG Peñuelas 
2008In vitro cecal gas production and dry matter degradability of some browse leaves in presence of enzymes from anaerobic bacterium in NZW rabbitHany Gado ; MM El-Adawy ; AZM Salem ; BE Borhami ; MS Khalil ; A Abo-Zeid 
21-Apr-2011Influence of exogenous enzymes ensiled with orange pulp on digestion and growth performance in lambsGado, Hany ; NE Odongo ; AZM Salem ; BE Borhami 
1-Sep-2013Influence of Exogenous Enzymes on In Vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Dry Matter Degradability of a High Concentrate DietHany Gado ; D López ; MMY Elghandour ; AZM Salem ; JF Vázquez-Armijo ; MC Salazar 
1-Sep-2013Influence of Exogenous Enzymes on In Vitro Ruminal Degradation of Ensiled Rice Straw with DDGSGado, Hany ; AZM Salem ; LM Camacho ; MMY Elghandour ; MC Salazar 
1-Jan-2014Influence of Vitamins and Exogenous Enzymes Combination on alleviating Heat Stress in Lactating Ewes under Egyptian Summer ConditionsHany Gado ; SS Almustafa ; AZM Salem ; FA Khalil ; EB Abdalla