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2011Association between candidate genes of innate immunity, gallinacin genes and resistance to Marek's disease in chickenYacoub, H.A. ; Galal ; Fathi, M.M. ; El Fiky, S.A. ; Ramadan, H.A.I. 
2010Carcass characteristics and immunocompetence parameters of four commercial broiler strain chickens under summer season of EgyptMakram, A. ; Galal, Ahmed ; Fathi, M.M. ; El-Attar, A.H. 
2010Impact of layer breeder flock age and strain on mechanical and ultrastructural properties of eggshell in chickenRayan, G.N. ; Galal ; Fathi, M.M. ; El-Attar, A.H. 
2008Impact of naked neck (Na) and frizzle (F) genes on growth performance and immunocompetence in chickensMahrous, M. ; Galal, Ahmed ; Fathi, M.M. ; Zein El-Dein, A.