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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Architecture of fault damage zones of normal faults, Gebel Ataqa area, Gulf of Suez rift, EgyptMaqbool, Atteeq-ur-Rehman ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Dowidar, Hamed ; Yousef, Mohamed 
2017Control of compressional transfer zones on syntectonic and post-tectonic sedimentation: implications for hydrocarbon explorationMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, Samir M. 
2017Control of extensional transfer zones on syntectonic and post-tectonic sedimentation: implications for hydrocarbon explorationMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, Samir M. 
1997Controls on the development and evolution of transfer zones: the influence of basement structure and sedimentary thickness in the Suez rift and Red SeaMoustafa, A.R. 
2002Controls on the geometry of transfer zones in the Suez Rift and NW Red Sea: Implications for the structural geometry of rift systemsMoustafa, A.R. 
2014Dual-porosity fractured Miocene syn-rift dolomite reservoir in the Issaran Field (Gulf of Suez, Egypt): a case history of the zonal isolation of highly fractured water carrier bedSaoudi, Ati ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Farag, Ramadan I. ; Omara, Maher M. ; Wally, Hossam ; Fouad, Ahmed ; Tag, Amr ; Ragab, Ramy Z. 
1991Engineering geology of Mokattam city and vicinity, east¬ern Greater Cairo, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Abdel Tawab, S. ; El-Nahhas, F. 
1-Sep-2016Fault block rotation and footwall erosion in the southern Suez rift: Implications for hydrocarbon explorationAfifi A. ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Helmy H. 
1992The Feiran tilted blocks: An example of a synthetic transfer zone, Eastern side of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. 
2013Fold-related faults in the Syrian Arc belt of northern EgyptMoustafa, A.R. 
2004Geologic maps of the Eastern side of the Suez rift (western Sinai Peninsula), EgyptMoustafa, A.R. 
1998Impact of basin inversion on hydrocarbon habitat in the Qarun Concession, Western Desert, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Said, S.E. ; Abd El-Aziz, M 
1996Internal structure and deformation of an accommodation zone in the northern part of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. 
2012Inverted Rift-Basins of Northern EgyptBevan, T.G. ; Moustafa, A.R. 
2009The Jinadriyah anticlines: a surface model for oil fields in eastern Saudi ArabiaAl-Mahmoud, Mohammed J. ; Khalil, Mesbah H. ; Moustafa, A.R. 
1991Late Cretaceous-Tertiary rotational deformation in North Sinai (Gebel Yelleq area)Moustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, S. ; Khawasik, S. 
2008Mesozoic-Cenozoic basin evolution in the northern Western Desert of EgyptMoustafa, A.R. 
1992A new technique for the analysis of directional and orientational dataMoustafa, A.R. 
2003Normal fault growth, displacement localisation and the evolution of normal fault populations: the Hammam Faraun fault block, Suez rift, EgyptGawthorpe, Rob L ; Jackson, Christopher A.-L ; Young, Mike J ; Sharp, Ian R ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Leppard, Christopher W 
1998Pervasive E-ENE oriented faults in the northern Egypt and their relationship to Late Cretaceous petroliferous basins in the northern Western DesertMoustafa, A.R. ; Gibali, H. ; El-Badrawy, R.