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3-Sep-20184. Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro cytotoxicity of fatty acyl-CGKRK-chitosan oligosaccharides conjugates for siRNA deliveryEl-Ziaty, Ahmed ; Naglaa S. El-Sayed ; Amir N. Shiraz, ; Magda G. El-Meligy ; Zenat, A. Nagib ; Keykavous Parang 
2016Design, synthesis, and evaluation of chitosan conjugated GGRGDSK peptides as a cancer cell-targeting molecular transporter.El-Ziaty, Ahmed ; Naglaa S. El-Sayed ; Amir N. Shiraz ; Magda G. El-Meligy ; Keykavous Parang. ; Zenat, A. Nagib