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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Baseline Study of the Graduate School of Education ProgramMegahed, Nagwa 
2016Book Review: Education and the reverse gender divide in the Gulf States: Embracing the global, ignoring the localMegahed, Nagwa 
2010Book Review: Teachers as Learners: Critical Discourse on Challenges and OpportunitiesMegahed, Nagwa 
2011Colonial legacy, women’s rights and gender-educational inequality in the Arab World with particular reference to Egypt and TunisiaMegahed, Nagwa ; Stephen Lack 
2011Comparative Perspectives on Teachers and ProfessionalismMegahed, Nagwa ; Mark Ginsburg 
2009Comparative Perspectives On Teachers, Teaching And ProfessionalismMark B. Ginsburg ; Megahed, Nagwa 
2011A Cultural Overview of Islam and EducationMegahed, Nagwa 
2012Diversity in Curricula in the Middle EastMegahed, Nagwa 
2017Education during the Time of the Revolution in EgyptMegahed, Nagwa 
2018Examining the Effectiveness of Community-Based Learning in Promoting Student "Civic-Mindedness" at UniversitiesMegahed, Nagwa ; Ted Purinton ; Pandeli Glavanis ; Amani Elshimi ; Jennifer skaggs ; Mona Amer 
21-Dec-2018ForewordMegahed, Nagwa 
28-Jul-2011Globalization and the reform of faculties of education in Egypt: The roles of individual and organizational, national and international actorsGinsburg M. ; Megahed, Nagwa 
2015The Pursuit of DemocracyMegahed, Nagwa 
2016Quality Education for AllMegahed, Nagwa 
15-Dec-2012The quest for educational quality in Egypt: Active-learning pedagogies as a reform initiativeMegahed, Nagwa ; Ginsburg M. ; Abdellah A. ; Zohry A. 
2010Reforming Educational Governance and Management in Egypt: National and International Actors and DynamicsMark Ginsburg ; Megahed, Nagwa ; Mohammed Elmeski ; Nobuyuki Tanaka 
2008Social Inequalities, Educational Attainment, and Teachers in EgyptMegahed, Nagwa ; Mark B. Ginsburg 
2009Teacher Attitudes towardthe Teaching ProfessionMark B. Ginsburg ; Megahed, Nagwa 
2008Voices of Teachers in Academic and Vocational Secondary Schools in Egypt: Perceived Consequences of Educational Reform for Quality and EqualityMegahed, Nagwa