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2013Enhanced switching characteristics of DC-DC boost converter systemsS. M. El-Ghanam ; W. Abdel Basit ; ismail, manal ; S. A. Kamh ; H. A. Ashry ; F. A. S. Soliman 
Oct-2015New Investigation on the Applications and Computer Simulation of Photovoltaic Cells and Storage SystemsAbd El-Basit, Wafaa ; A.M. Abdel-Maksooud ; S.A.Kamh ; F. A. S. Soliman 
2015A novel look on the materials effect on the characteristics and applications of solar systemsH. A. Ashry ; A. Abdel Magid Abu Talib ; M. I. M. Mahdi ; F. A. S. Soliman ; ismail, manal 
Jun-2017Operation of Ge -and GaAs -Tunnel Diodes Under the Influence of Electron BeamsAbd El-Basit, Wafaa ; Z. I. M. Awad ; S. A. Kamh ; F. A. S. Soliman 
Jan-2017Operation of Optocouplers under the Influence of Extreme Environmental ConditionsAbd El-Basit, Wafaa ; W.H.A. Hassan ; kamh, sanaa ; F. A. S. Soliman 
Feb-2013Performance of Shunt Voltage Regulators Based on Zener Diodes at Cryogenic TemperaturesAbd El-Basit, Wafaa ; S. M. El-Ghanam ; A. M. Abd El–Maksood ; F. A. S. Soliman 
Jul-2015Simulating the Operation of Silicon Photovoltaic Cells at Outer Space EnvironmentsS. M. El-Ghanam ; Abd El-Basit, Wafaa ; F. A. S. Soliman 
2015Solar Powered Engine Based on Unijunction TransistorsAbd El-Basit, Wafaa ; awad, zeinab ; S. A. Kamh ; F. A. S. Soliman 
2015Wireless Sensor Networks for Indoor Air Quality MonitoringHassan, Doaa ; S. M. El-Ghanam ; A. M. Abd El-Maksood ; A. A. El-Magid ; F. A. S. Soliman ; S. A. Kamh