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May-2015Effect of Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzyme Application on Productive Response of Dairy Cows at Different Lactation StagesN. E. El-Bordeny ; A.A. Abedo ; H.M. El-Sayed ; E.N. Daoud, H.SSoliman ; A.E.M. Mahmoud 
Apr-2010The Effect of Replacing Corn with Glycerol and Fibrinolytic Enzymes on the Productive Performance of Lactating GoatElBordeny, Nasr ; Mostafa Sayed Khattab ; S.A.H. Abo El-Nor ; H.M.A. El-Sayed ; M.M. Abdou ; O.H. Matloup 
Aug-2012Impact of using fibrolytic enzymes on sheep performance in summer seasonN. E. El-Bordeny ; Salwa M. Hamdy ; H. M. El-Sayed ; A. A. Abedo ; E. N. Daoud. ; H. S. Soliman 
May-2015Productive and Physiological Response of Ewe-Lambs Fed Ration Containing Bio-Upgraded Rice StrawN. E. El-Bordeny ; A. Abdou ; A.M. Badr ; Marwa A. Madkour 
Oct-2015Using of Bio-Upgraded rice straw in growing lambs nutritionElBordeny, Nasr ; Khattab, H. M ; Badr. A. M ; Marwa, A. Madkour