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2014Evaluation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in lung cancerAli-Labib, R. ; Louka, M.L. ; Galal, I.H.E.-S. ; Tarek, M. 
2015Link between vitamin B12, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and bone mineral density in elderly patientsAmer, M.S. ; Ali-Labib, R. ; Farid, T.M. ; Rasheedy, D. ; Tolba, M.F. 
2017MicroRNA-181a and its target Smad 7 as potential biomarkers for tracking child acute lymphoblastic leukemiaNabhan, M. ; Louka, M.L. ; Khairy, E. ; Tash, F. ; Ali-Labib, R. ; El-Habashy, S. 
2017Role of microRNA-7 and selenoprotein P in hepatocellular carcinomaTarek, M. ; Louka, M.L. ; Khairy, E. ; Ali-Labib, R. ; Zaky, D.Z. ; Montasser, I.F.