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Apr-2017Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Effect of a Nursing Protocol on Patients’ Clinical Outcome Post-weaning from Mechanical Ventilation"Salem, G. ;Mahdi, N. ; abdallah, dalia 
Mar-2017Effect of Self Care Management on Nursing-Sensitive Patients’ Outcomes after permanent pacemaker implantationAdel, R.; El-senousey, T.; Yassin, S. and Abdallah, D. ; abdallah, dalia 
Nov-2015Effect of Self-Learning Package on the Performance of Nurses working in Radioactive Iodine Therapy UnitEl-Shazley, M.; Abdelazeem, H. ; abdallah, dalia 
Jan-2014Effect of Surgical Scrubbing with Brush Versus Brushless on Operating Hand Staff’s Colony forming UnitsDalia Ameen ; abdallah, dalia 
Nov-2017improve nurses' performance to meet satisfaction of patients undergoing breast cancer surgeryabdallah, dalia ; MoReda Abdeltwabhammed, R. ; Mahmoud, S. 
Dec-2016Neoadjuvent Radiotherapy: Health Education and Quality of Life for Patients with Rectal Cancerabdallah, dalia ; Dalia A. Abdelatief ; Basma M. Khalil ; Hatem M. Abdalla ; Khalil, Wafaa 
Jul-2018Nurses' Performance for Patient Undergoing Bariatric Surgeryabdallah, dalia ; El-sayed, A. ; , Yassin, S 
Nov-2015Nurses’ Performance to Reduce Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections: Self Learning ModuleSaied, A. ; abdallah, dalia 
Apr-2017Pre- admission Guidelines for improving Awareness and Satisfaction for Patients' Having Laparoscopic CholecystectomyAbdallah, D.; Mohamed, B.; Ezzelregal, F. and Nada, M. ; abdallah, dalia 
Mar-2016Proposed Protocol for Management of Obstacles Affecting Nurses` Performance in Critical Care UnitsSaad, Nema ; abdallah, dalia ; Mohamed, B. ; Elkhattab, S. ; El-Sersy, M.