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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Factors affecting the chemical composition and bacteriological content of some fresh water fish.Tahani Rizk Rizk Allah El Touk
2016Factors Affecting the Clinical Training among Pediatric Nursing Students in Technical InstitutesRabab AlSayed Khalil
1974Factors affecting the deformation and fracture mechanisms inal-ni composites.Mohamed Hazem Abdel-Latif
2001Factors affecting the development of post operative surgical wound infectionSANAA IBRAHIM ABD-EL-GAFFAR KARIMM
2001Factors Affecting The Development of post Operative surgical wound infectionSanaa Ibrahim Abd -El-Gaffar Karimm
1975Factors affecting the distortions of surface handened steel.Farouk Mohamed Mohamed Hussein
2007Factors affecting the efficacy of oil adjuvant infectious coryza vaccines on immune response of chickensMarwa Mostafa Abd El-Rahman Ahmed
5-Jan-2007Factors affecting the efficiency of excited-states interactions of complexes between some visible light-emitting lanthanide ions and cyclophanes containing spirobiindanol phosphonatesAttia M. ; Abdel-Shafi, Ayman ; Khalil, M.M.H ; Attia, G.M. ; Failla, S. ; Consiglio, G. ; Finocchiaro, P. ; Abdel-Mottaleb, M.S.A. 
1977Factors affecting the evalation of backscatter and half-value layer for x-radiation.Abdel-Salam Muhammad Mesbah
1972Factors affecting the flow of metals in extrusion process.Muhammad Hanafy Muhammad Ahmad
1983Factors affecting the formation of reserved carbohydrates in baker's yeast.Usama Muhammad M. Radhwan
1980Factors affecting the functional properties of fish muscle proteins.Abdel-Bary Ahmed Dawood
1980Factors Affecting the functional properties of fish muscle proteins.Abd El-Bary Ahmed Dawood
1963Factors affecting the gossypol content of Cottonseed cake.Jonathan Isaac Ebrahim
2008Factors affecting the ideal remmant size of thyroid tissue after thyroidectomy for toxic goiterِِAtef Eid Mohamed
1996Factors affecting the immune response of fish with special references to immune suppressive effect of polutionSamir Edries Attia Abo-youssef
2014Factors Affecting the Implementation of Nursing Services Accreditation Standards in a General HospitalAzza Mohamed Abdel-Kader
2017Factors Affecting the Incidence of Wound Infection in Patients after Valve ReplacementMostafa Mohamed Elsayed
1980Factors affecting the insect population during the storage of onion bulbs.Tarek Abd El-Maqssoud Abd El-Fatah