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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A comparative study between Non invasive positive pressure ventilation and conventional mechanical ventilation in management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with acute respiratory failureهشام عاطف عبد الحليم
2008A Double k-clustering approach for restructuring Distributed Object-Oriented softwareHamad, Safwat 
1-Mar-2018A hybrid model to predict best answers in question answering communitiesElalfy D. ; Gad, Walaa ; Ismail R. 
2018A New List to the Entomofauna Associated with Faba Bean, Vicia faba L. (Fabales: Fabaceae) Grown in El-Kharga Oasis, New Valley Governorate, Egypt.Sara T. Abdel Khalek ; Fahmy, Zahia Kamel Mostafa ; Heba A. Hassan ; Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar ; Gawhara M.M. Abu El-Hassan 
2011A new species of genus Philbyella China, 1938 (Nogodinidae, Fulgoromorpha, Hemiptera) from Gabal Elba, EgyptSawaby, Rabab ; Rawda M. Badawy ; elhamouly, Hayam 
11-Jun-2016A preliminary identification of insect successive wave in Egypt on control and zinc phosphide-intoxicated animals in different seasonsSawaby, Rabab ; Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar ; Rabab Fathy Sawaby ; Hayam El-Hamouly 
20-May-2011A preliminary investigation of insect colonization and succession on remains of rabbits treated with an organophosphate insecticide in El-Qalyubiya Governorate of EgyptSawaby, Rabab ; Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar 
2004A'postmodernist approch to selected african-american fictionعليا عباس مبروك
1979A's+a2s+Ti s2-1 thermally allowed fragmentation of some B-keto-anilides.Ahmad Nasser Mahmoud Al-Khatti
2005A. Linguistic Analysis Of The Strategies Of Appropriation In Selected Postcolonial Novels.Laila Christina Ahmed Fouad Helmi
2006A. Suggested Strategy Based On Using Graphic Organizer To Develop Vocabulary For Deaf Students.Elham Sweilem Ahmed Desouky
1950An analysis using transformers. Application of the transformer analogue to the solution of network and allied problems.Muhammad Sabri Mahmoud of computer viruses & the design of a computer immunity systemhussein mohamed kamal
2018(A2 و A1) معجم تعليم اللُّغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها للمستوى المُبتدئ "مُعالجة لغويَّة حاسوبيَّة "هـدى أحمـد أحمـد عبد الفتـاح
2006Aanaesthetic considerations of hypertension in pregnancyِAhmed Hasab El-Nabi
1992Ab interno glaucoma filtering operations.Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Gaafer
2009Ab-Initio Calculations of ElectronicStructure of Selected Heusler AlloysMarwa Hefny Abdalmoneam
2010Abdominal Compartment SyndromeWaleed Mohammed Samir Kamel
2002Abdominal Access Complications During Surgical LaparoscopySafwat Kamel Marzouk