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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008oرانيا ابراهيم خميس عبد الجواد
-O'meill and intellectuial infuences .Nadia Abdel Razzak El Sanhoury
2005(O157: H7)الإشريكية القولونية النمط المصلى فى الإسهال الحاد في الأطفال ESCHERICHIA COLI O157: H7 IN ACUTE CHILDHOOD DIARRHEAصفاء محمد عبد الرحمن Safaa Mohamed Abdel-Rahman
2010Obese Egyptian Children: What About Their Gut Flora ?Ibrahim Akeel El-Sharkawy
2002Obese- gene product( leptin) in patients with chronic liver diseaseUsama Said El-Sayed
2009Obesity -contributing factors among late school aged childrenMohamed Mostafa Almurie
2008Obesity Among Female Secondary School Students And Its Impact On Quality Of Life In Benha City .Mona Ahmed Abdel-Baky El-Awady
2007Obesity among reproductive age females in west bank -palestineHeila Yousef Tabakhna
2008Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in AdolescentsMohamed Abd El-Fattah Abd El-Aziz
2008Obesity And Cardiovascular Risk Factors In Adolescents.Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Abd El-Aziz
2009Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus As Risk Factors for Hepatocellular CarcinomaMohammed Ibrahim Tawfeek Ibrahim
2004Obesity and fat distribution as predictor of early carotid atherosclerosisMarwa Ahamed Al-Arabi
2001Obesity and insulin Resistance: Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-@)and Plasma Leptin in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusMohamed Ahmed Sharawy Taha
2001Obesity and insulin resistance: role of tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-a) and plasma leptin in type 2 diabetes mellitusMohamed Ahmed Sharawy Taha
1992Obesity and its effect on the course and complication of laborMaha Abed El-Bar El-Dosowky
2009Obesity And Kidney Disease .Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa A.Ashmawy
2009Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome among Egyptian AdolescentsSeham Abd Elrahman Abou Arab
2003Obesity and Morbidiy Pattern Among Health Insured Pregnant Women in AlexandriaMaher Kamel Hanna El-Menshawy
2010OBESITY AND RELATED DERMATOSESHaiam Mohamed Abdallah Mahmoud
2010OBESITY AND THE THYROIDEnas Mohammed Hammed Salama