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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19931,2- Dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline, 1.2-dipalmitoyl phosphatidic acid or 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol inhabits sporangia formation and allow rapid, exponential growth of various Frankia strains from the Casuarinacae family.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Schwencke, J. 
20-Jul-2003Acomparative study between dynamic behaviour of steel and composite bridges over open channelsA. Z. awad , M. K. Swailem ; elsayed, ayman 
2009Adaptive backoff scheme for contention-based vehicular networks using fuzzy logicAbdelkader, Tamer ; Naik, K. ; Nayak, A. ; Karray, F. 
1-Dec-2009An agent-based framework for inhabitants' untraceability in ubiquitous environmentsSherin Moussa ; Hashem M. ; Agha G. 
6-Nov-2017Analysis of Flexible Anchored Hollow WPC Quay Walls of the New TUR Berthelsayed, ayman 
Dec-2017Analyzing live migration energy overhead in cloud computing: A surveySalma K. Elbay ; Islam Hegazy ; El-Sayed M. El-Horbaty 
Dec-2015“Anche” nella traduzione della wikipedia (particolarità traduttive e alternative proposte)Galal, Iman 
1999Application of Azolla as a green manure for improve the sandy soil and increase the growth and yield of Tomato plants.Selim, Dr.shawky ; El-Shahat,M. R. ; Nadia M El-berashy 
30-Sep-2016Assessment the Nurses Performance in Providing Care to Patients Undergoing Chest Tube in Suez Canal University HospitalAbdelAziz, Magda ; Mahmoud Elprince Mahmoud ; Hamdy A Sleem ; Noha Mohammed Ibrahim 
2011An attempt to develop sustainable land use management using Geoinformatics: A case study of Wurayah Biosphere Reserve, UAEAl-Hogaraty, E.A. ; El-Baz, F. ; Zölitz-Möller, R. ; Rizk, Z.A. ; Abdel Moati, M.A. ; Garamoon H. K. 
2016Ägypten und der zweite Weltkrieg. Rewriting einer Verflechtungsgeschichte in einem ägyptischen und einem deutschen historischen RomanRadwa Imam 
Mar-1990Bioassay and effect of time of day on female sex pheromone production and male perception of the indian meal moth,polodi interpunctellamohamed adel hussein ; Wafaa A.Radwan ; A.M.El-sayed ; H.A,Abdel Rahman 
22-Jun-2015CAPS: Context-aware privacy scheme for VANET safety applicationsEmara K. ; Wolfgang Woerndl ; Johann H. Schlichter 
Sep-2006Case Study: Design and Development of an Online CourseM. S. Abdel Wahab ; M. E. Khalifa ; G. Hassan ; R. A. Hodhod ; Islam Hegazy ; H. Mekawy 
2003Chlorine isotopes, chloride sources, and residence times of groundwaters in the Nubian Aquifer, Egypt.Patterson L. J.; Sturchio N. C.; Sultan M.; Lu Z.-T.; Purtschert R.; Lehmann B. E.; El Alfy Z.; El Kaliouby B.; Yehia H. Dawood ; Abdallah A. M. A.
2011Choosing the objective of optimal routing protocols in Delay Tolerant networksAbdelkader, Tamer ; Naik, K. ; Nayak, A. 
27-Sep-2010Cladistic analysis of Egyptian horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) based on morphological dataGawhara Magdy ; Haitham B. M. Badrawy ; Salwa K. Mohammad ; Hassan H. Fadl 
2017Compact Optical MEMS 1xN Beam-Splitter Based on Multi-Mode Interference for Optofluidic ApplicationsAhmed M. Othman ; Mazen Erfan ; Yasser M. Sabry ; Sébastien Nazeer ; Marwa Ragheb ; Diaa Khalil 
1-Jan-2000computer programmingEl-Masry, A.M.A. 
2012Cooperative and non cooperative multi-secondary users cognitive radio system with channel uncertaintyBassant Abdelhamid ; Elsabrouty, M. ; Alghoniemy, M. ; Elramly, S.