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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Differential extinction between ostracodes and benthic foraminifera during global warming at the Paleocene/Eocene boundaryR.P. Speijer ; A.M. Morsi 
2016Effect of Health Habits’ Modification Program on Health Status for School Children with Parasitic Infestation in Rural Areastalat, asmaa ; Ferial Fouad ; Mervat M. Hassan 
Apr-2018Informatics and Technology in Professional Nursing PracticeeAta, Fatma 
2003Integrated stratigraphy of the Paleocene-Eocene transition in platform to basin sediments in Egypt.R.P. Speijer ; C. Scheibner ; J. Kuss ; A. Mackensen ; A.M. Marzouk ; S. Monechi ; A.M. Morsi ; C. Müller ; J.J.G. Reijmer 
Apr-2015Multiplex qPCR assay detects genomic copy numbers of two esterase genes associated with insecticide resistance in Culex pipiens complex mosquitoes in the USLinda Kothera, Janet McAllister and Harry Savage ; Ghallab, Enas 
29-Mar-2015Notatudiadema and Aegyptiaris: two new regular echinoid genera with two new species from the Cenomanian of north Sinai, EgyptAbdelhamid, Marouf Abdelaty Mohamed 
1991Ostracode and microfacies study of the Eocene rocks in the area southwest the Maadi – Qattamiya road, Egypt.M.A. Bassiouni ; F.H. Hamza ; A.M. Morsi 
2002Ostracode record across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum level at Gebel Duwi (Red Sea coast, Egypt)A.M. Morsi ; R.P. Speijer 
12-Jun-2013Revision of the echinoid genus Micropedina Cotteau, 1866 and establishing of a new species from the late Cenomanian of EgyptAbdelhamid, Marouf Abdelaty Mohamed 
22-Dec-2013Revision of the holectypoid Anorthopygus Cotteau, 1859 and its speciesAbdelhamid, Marouf Abdelaty Mohamed 
22-Dec-2014Turonian-Santonian echinoids from Wadi Qena; a new arrangement of apical disc plating in spatangoidsAbdelhamid, Marouf Abdelaty Mohamed