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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1990Acute Non-Lymphocytic Leukemias [ANLLs]: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Prognosis.Hala M. H. Abaza 
2014Antenatal Care BookletNevin Samir; Amal Talaat; yousif, Amira ; Amira Attia; Asmaa Ibrahim20
2014Antifungal activity of aminated chitosan against three different fungi speciesHashem, Ahmed 
2010Antifungal Activity of Aminated Chitosan against Three Different Fungi Species ( Book Chapter)Hashem, Ahmed 
2007The Biochemistry and Genetics of Aminoglycoside ProducersPiepersberg, W. ; Aboshanab K. M. ; Schmidt-Beißner, H. ; Wehmeier, U.F. 
24-May-2016Biometric Watermarking Techniquesmarwa ali elshahed 
31-Dec-2001A Critical Study of Some of the Novels of Anita Brookner with Reference to the Theme of Feminism in the Twentieth Century.Haikal, Nermin 
2009Das Orientbild im Werk LohensteinsDiaa Elnaggar 
29-Nov-2013Design of a Novel System to Automatically Sense Physical QuantitiesAbd El-Basit, Wafaa 
2016Design, synthesis, and evaluation of chitosan conjugated GGRGDSK peptides as a cancer cell-targeting molecular transporter.El-Ziaty, Ahmed ; Naglaa S. El-Sayed ; Amir N. Shiraz ; Magda G. El-Meligy ; Keykavous Parang. ; Zenat, A. Nagib 
2017Education during the Time of the Revolution in EgyptMegahed, Nagwa 
2017Effect of Laser Radiation on the Physical Properties of PVC PolymersW.R. Agami 
2014“The Egyptian Afterlife: The Translation of Edgar Allan Poe in Egypt”Hasabelnaby, Magda 
2013Electric and Magnetic Studies of Various Ions Substited Li-Zn FerriteW.R. Agami 
2010Gynecological & Operating Room Bookletyousif, Amira 
2013Heavy Metals Distribution in Degraded Soils Irrigated with Waste WaterShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
2016High risk maternity ManagementSabah Metwally; Amal Fatthy Mohamed; yousif, Amira 
2013Il deserto tra realtà e metafora nella poesia di Giuseppe UngarettiMohammed Ibrahim Abdo, Samah 
18-Oct-2018Introductory to Organic FarmingShaimaa Abd-Elrahman ; Manal M. Mohamed ; Abd-Ellatif S. Alsebaay 
2019IslamopeaceismDr.Nehal El Defrawy