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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Electrophysiological and clinical comparison of local steroid injection by means of proximal versus distal approach in patients with mild and moderate carpal tunnel syndromeEL-Badawy, Mohja 
22017Evaluation of disease activity markers in relation to dry eye disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Amira R El-Mahdi2, Samia M Abd El Rehem1, Weam M Ebeid3, Rania S El-Kitkat3, Doaa M Abdelaziz4 ; EL-Badawy, Mohja 
3Jan-1998New concept In The Aetiology Of OsteoarthritisNIhal AL -SHISHTAWY ; MIRVAT ABDUL -HAKIEM ; Hoda M. Mahmoud 
42017Tumor necrosis factor-α is a novel biomarker for peripheral neuropathy in type II diabetes mellitus: a clinical and electrophysiological studyDina A.B Farrag1, Samia M.R Abd El-Rehem1, Amira R El-Mahdi2, Alyaa A El-Sherbeny3, Emad A.M Abdel Hady4, Hoda A Abdel-Sattar5, Doaa M Abdelaziz5 ; EL-Badawy, Mohja