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11-Jan-2014Remote computer-aided breast cancer detection and diagnosis system based on cytological imagesGeorge Y. ; Zayed H. ; Roushdy M. ; Elbagoury B. 
29-May-2016Towards feature selection for cascade growth prediction on twitterElsharkawy S. ; Hassan G. ; Nabhan T. ; Roushdy M. 
317-Jan-2017A method for contactless palm ROI extractionElSayed A. ; Ebeid H. ; Roushdy M. ; Fayed Z. 
41-Jan-2013Automated cell nuclei segmentation for breast fine needle aspiration cytologyGeorge Y. ; Bagoury B. ; Zayed H. ; Roushdy M. 
51-Jan-2017A proposed Real-Time EMG intelligent robot control algorithm based on swarm intelligence and neural networksElBagoury B. ; Al-Amri J. ; Roushdy M. 
62-Jul-2012C21. Single image motion deblurring using Genetic AlgorithmsEl-Regaily S. ; El-Messiry H. ; El-Aziz, M.H.A. ; Roushdy M. 
71-Jan-20143D graph-based vision-SLAM registration and optimizationDoaa D. ; Salem M. ; Ramadan H. ; Roushdy M. 
821-Nov-2013A grid based medical image retrieval system using alchemiMaghraby F. ; Faheem H. ; Roushdy M. ; Amoon M. 
91-Dec-2013Comparison of 3D feature registration techniques for indoor mappingLatif D. ; Salem M. ; Ramadan H. ; Roushdy M. 
101-Jun-2016Extended Case-Based Behavior Control for Multi-Humanoid RobotsAltaf M. ; Elbagoury B. ; Alraddady F. ; Roushdy M. 
11Jan-2002On a Design of Compression Code for Image Using Principal Component Analysis Neural NetworkM. Roushdy ; K. Nagaty ; Islam Hegazy ; A. Mowafi 
121-Jan-2017Exploiting existed medical ontologies to build domain ontology for hepatobiliary system diseasesAl-Marzoqi G. ; Alfonse, Marco ; Moawad I. ; Roushdy M. 
131-Jan-2017FreebaseViz: Interactive exploration of freebase schema using query-driven visualisationElbattah M. ; Roushdy M. ; Aref M. ; Salem A. 
142-Feb-2016Large-scale ontology storage and query using graph database-oriented approach: The case of FreebaseElbattah M. ; Roushdy M. ; Aref M. ; Salem, A.-B.M. 
151-Jul-2016Image segmentation and particles classification using texture analysis methodAtteya M. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Roushdy M. 
161-Jun-2005Case-Based and ontology learning approaches for developing e-Learning systemsRoushdy M. ; Salem A. 
171-Jan-2016Machine learning techniques for intelligent access controlKhalifa W. ; Roushdy M. ; Salem A. 
1815-Aug-2012A survey of EEG based user authentication schemesKhalifa W. ; Roushdy M. ; Revett, K. ; Salem, A.-B.M. 
1915-Aug-2012Using GPU-accelerated genetic algorithm for non-linear motion deblurring in a single imageEl-Regaily S. ; El-Aziz M. ; El-Messiry H. ; Roushdy M. 
20Dec-2021A Survey on Learning-Based Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT NetworksAbdelhamid, Salma; Aref, M. ; Islam Hegazy ; Roushdy M.