Hegazy, Doaa


Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
Interests: Computer Vision, Image Processing, 3D Object Recognition, 3D Image Reconstruction, Pattern Recognition and Machine learning, Semantic Segmentation,
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Hegazy, Doaa
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Dr. Doaa Hegazy is currently an assistant professor at the department of Scientific Computing, Ain Shams University. She has more than 15 years experience of research and higher education. Her main research interest are in Image Processing, Image Understanding, Machine Learning and in general in Computer Vision
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2016Image analysis for particle size recognition of bioprocesses in liquid environmentAtteya M. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Ismail Roushdy M. 
21-Jun-2008Boosting colored local features for generic object recognitionHegazy, Doaa ; Denzler J. 
31-Jul-2016Image segmentation and particles classification using texture analysis methodAtteya M. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Roushdy M. 
41-Jan-2015English-Arabic statistical machine translation: State of the artEbrahim S. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Mostafa M. ; El-Beltagy S. 
51-Jan-2017Improved watershed algorithm for CT liver segmentation using intraclass variance minimizationMohamed A. ; Salem M. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Shedeed H. 
61-Jan-2013MPI parallel implementation of 3D object categorization using spin-imagesEleliemy A. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Elkilani W. 
71-Dec-2010Multiple kernel Gaussian process classification for generic 3D object recognitionRodner E. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Denzler J. 
89-May-2016A parallel snapshot retrieval technique for MGZaki A. ; Attia M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Amin S. 
99-May-2016Modeling sequence of snapshots in dynamic graphZaki A. ; Attia M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Amin S. 
102-Feb-2016Efficient distributed dynamic graph systemZaki A. ; Attia M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Amin S. 
111-Jan-2017Detecting and Integrating Multiword Expression into English-Arabic Statistical Machine TranslationEbrahim S. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Mostafa M. ; El-Beltagy S. 
122-Feb-2016Probablistic-based framework for medical CT images segmentationMohamed A. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Shedeed H. 
132-Feb-2016Interaction techniques in mobile Augmented Reality: State-of-the-artAhmed L. ; Hamdy S. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; El-Arif T. 
142-Feb-2016Vertebrae segmentation techniques for spinal medical imagesDarwish A. ; Salem M. ; Hegazy, Doaa ; Ebeid H.