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1Sep-2011Potential adverse effects of oseltamivir in rats: males are more vulnerable than femalesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Al-Kahtani, Mohamed Ali 
220-Jul-2007Pre- and post-initiation chemoprevention activity of 2-alkyl/aryl selenazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acids against tobacco-derived nitrosamine (NNK)-induced lung tumors in the A/J mouseFranklin, Michael R ; Moos, Philip J ; El-Sayed, Wael ; Aboul-Fadl, Tarek ; Roberts, Jeanette C 
32005Chemopreventive activity of selenocysteine prodrugs against tobacco-derived nitrosamine (NNK) induced lung tumors in the A/J mouseLi, Liang ; Xie, Yang ; El-Sayed, Wael ; Szakacs, Juliana G ; Franklin, Michael R ; Roberts, Jeanette C 
42016Potential ameliorative effect of Pterocarpus santalinus against streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus in adult male ratsRamy El-Badawy, Wael El-Sayed, Khairy Ibraheim, Nahla Hassan ; El-Sayed, Wael 
52017Antimutagenic activities of Anisosciadium lanatum extracts could predict the anticancer potential in different cell linesEl-Sayed WM, Hussin WA, Mahmoud AA, AlFredan MA ; El-Sayed, Wael 
65-Sep-2013The position of imidazopyridine and metabolic activation are pivotal factors in the antimutagenic activity of novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivativesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A ; Al-Faiyz, Yasair S ; Ismail, Mohamed A 
72013Novel 4-substituted phenyl-2,2'-bichalcophenes and aza-analogs as antibacterial agents: a structural activity relationshipHussin, Warda A ; Ismail, Mohamed A ; El-Sayed, Wael 
82006Hepatic chemoprotective enzyme responses to 2-substituted selenazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acidsEl-Sayed, Wael ; Franklin, Michael R 
9Dec-2011Upregulation of chemoprotective enzymes and glutathione by Nigella sativa (black seed) and thymoquinone in CCl4-intoxicated ratsEl-Sayed, Wael 
105-Mar-2007The antimutagenicity of 2-substituted selenazolidine-4-(R)-carboxylic acidsEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A ; Franklin, Michael R 
112015Analyzing the apoptotic pathways in cell lines treated with some pure natural compoundsDoaa Ramadan, Wael El-Sayed, Shaymaa Yahya, Mohamed Ali ; El-Sayed, Wael 
122012Efficacy of two novel 2,2'-bifurans to inhibit methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in male mice in comparison to vancomycinEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A ; Ismail, Mohamed A 
132014Evaluation of the biological activity of novel monocationic fluoroaryl-2,2'-bichalcophenes and their analoguesHussin, Warda A ; Ismail, Mohamed A ; Alzahrani, Abdullah M ; El-Sayed, Wael 
142013The Conyza triloba extracts with high chlorophyll content and free radical scavenging activity had anticancer activity in cell linesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A ; Mahmoud, Ahmed A ; AlFredan, Mohamed A 
152013Antimutagenic and antioxidant activity of novel 4-substituted phenyl-2,2'-bichalcophenes and aza-analogsEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A 
1625-Jul-2006Acute effects of novel selenazolidines on murine chemoprotective enzymesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Aboul-Fadl, Tarek ; Lamb, John G ; Roberts, Jeanette C ; Franklin, Michael R 
1725-Jun-2011Effect of pregnane X receptor (PXR) prototype agonists on chemoprotective and drug metabolizing enzymes in miceEl-Sayed, Wael 
182017Tracking some Cellular Signaling Pathways Evoked by Bee Venom and Melittin Combined with Ionizing Radiation in a Breast Cancer Cell LineNoha Zaki, Wael El-Sayed, Omaima Kandil, Enas El-Hussieny ; El-Sayed, Wael 
192016Isolation, Characterization and Anticancer Activity of Seven Compounds from the Aerial Parts of Conyza trilobaMahmoud AA, AlFredan MA, El-Sayed WM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
20Aug-2011Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of Curcuma longa (turmeric) versus Zingiber officinale (ginger) rhizomes in rat adjuvant-induced arthritisRamadan, Gamal ; Al-Kahtani, Mohammed Ali ; El-Sayed, Wael