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12016Isolation, Characterization and Anticancer Activity of Seven Compounds from the Aerial Parts of Conyza trilobaMahmoud AA, AlFredan MA, El-Sayed WM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
22010Effects of isatin-isoniazid derivatives on drug metabolizing and chemoprotective enzymes in miceEl-Sayed WM, Aboul-Fadl T, Franklin MR ; El-Sayed, Wael 
32011Synergic interactions between selected botanical extracts and tetracycline against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteriaHussin WA, El-Sayed WM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
42016The Growth Hormone Deficiency Short Stature is the Predominant Type among Young School Girls in Gaza, PalestineRashed H, El-Yazji N, El-Sayed WM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
59-Jul-2018Taurine provides a time-dependent amelioration of the brain damage induced by γ-irradiation in ratsEl-Maraghi, Engy F ; Abdel-Fattah, Kamal I ; Soliman, Saeed M ; El-Sayed, Wael 
613-Aug-2018Novel Tetrahydrobenzo [b] Thiophene Compounds Exhibit Anticancer Activity through Enhancing Apoptosis and Inhibiting Tyrosine KinaseEl-Metwally, Souad A ; Khalil, Ali K ; El-Naggar, Abeer M ; El-Sayed, Wael 
72011Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of taurine against aluminum-induced acute hepatotoxicity in miceEl-Sayed, Wael 
818-Oct-2018Molecular and Biological Characterization of a Prepared Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha 2b IsoformShaaban, Rasha ; El-Sayed, Wael ; Samir, Safia ; El-Dabaa, Ehab 
927-May-2019Correlation between Antioxidant/Antimutagenic and Antiproliferative Activity of Some Phytochemicals; A Prediction ModelRamadan, Doaa T ; Ali, Mohamed A ; Yahya, Shaymaa M ; El-Sayed, Wael 
102019Anticancer activity, dual prooxidant/antioxidant effect and apoptosis induction profile of new bichalcophene-5-carboxamidinesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Ismail MA, Negm ; A, Arafa RK ; Abdel-Latif E 
1125-Feb-2019Substitution at Phenyl Rings of Chalcone and Schiff Base Moieties Accounts for their Antiproliferative ActivityEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussein RA, ; Salem MS, 
122008Effect of three herbal extracts on mRNA levels of some drug-metabolizing enzymes in murine hepatoma cellsEl-Sayed, Wael 
13Jul-2019Pterocarpus santalinus Ameliorates Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus via Anti-Inflammatory Pathways and Enhancement of Insulin FunctionEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hassan NS ; Ibraheim KA ; El-Badawy RE 
141-Feb-2019Synthesis and Reactivity of 6,8-Dibromo-2-ethyl-4H-benzo[d][1,3]oxazin-4-one Towards Nucleophiles and Electrophiles and Their Anticancer ActivityEl-Sayed, Wael ; Rasha A. Hussein ; Amira T. Al ; Maher A. El-hashash 
157-Mar-2019The Anti-proliferative Activity of Anisosciadone; A New Guaiane Sesquiterpene from Anisosciadium lanatumEl-Sayed, Wael ; Mahmoud AA 
1621-Dec-2019The Antitumor Activity of a Novel Fluorobenzamidine against Dimethylhydrazine-Induced Colorectal Cancer in RatsAbdel-Rasol, Mohammed; El-Beih, Nadia; Yahya, Shaymaa; Ismail, Mohamed; El-Sayed, Wael 
17Dec-2019A Systematic Review of Cationic Arylfurans and their Isosteres: Synthesis and Biological ImportanceA. Ismail, Mohamed; El-Sayed, Wael ; Shaaban, Saad; A. Abdelwahab, Ghada; S. Hamama, Wafaa
18Dec-2019Design, Molecular Modeling and Anticancer Evaluation of Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine Derivatives as Inhibitors of Topoisomerase IIEl-Sayed, Wael ; El-Metwally SA; Khalil A
197-Mar-2019The Anti-proliferative Activity of Anisosciadone; A New Guaiane Sesquiterpene from Anisosciadium lanatumEl-Sayed, Wael ; Mahmoud AA