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1Dec-2011Upregulation of chemoprotective enzymes and glutathione by Nigella sativa (black seed) and thymoquinone in CCl4-intoxicated ratsEl-Sayed, Wael 
22017Tracking some Cellular Signaling Pathways Evoked by Bee Venom and Melittin Combined with Ionizing Radiation in a Breast Cancer Cell LineNoha Zaki, Wael El-Sayed, Omaima Kandil, Enas El-Hussieny ; El-Sayed, Wael 
327-Jan-2017Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of monocationic arylthiophene derivativesIsmail, Mohamed A ; Youssef, Magdy M ; Arafa, Reem K ; Al-Shihry, Shar S ; El-Sayed, Wael 
42014Studying the Potential Palliative Activity of Selenium and Sulfur Against Aluminum-Induced Toxicity in Adult Male Albino RatsNaglaa Nour-Eldein, Wael Elsayed, El-Sayed Hassanin ; El-Sayed, Wael 
52018Study of miRNA-370 and miRNA-375 Expression in Egyptian Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients.Mona Ali, Wael M. El-Sayed, AlShaimaa Mohamed Taha, Dina Ahmed Yassin ; El-Sayed, Wael 
62015Putative role of fibroblast growth factor 23 in diagnosis and prognosis of kidney diseases in humanRadwa Ibrahem, Wael El-Sayed, Osama Mohamed, Eman El-hadidi ; El-Sayed, Wael 
72017The Prophylactic and Therapeutic Effects of Safranal and Selenite on Liver Damage Induced by Thyrotoxicosis in Adult Male RatsHussein RA, El-Hussieny EA, Hassanin LA, El-Sayed WM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
820-Jul-2007Pre- and post-initiation chemoprevention activity of 2-alkyl/aryl selenazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acids against tobacco-derived nitrosamine (NNK)-induced lung tumors in the A/J mouseFranklin, Michael R ; Moos, Philip J ; El-Sayed, Wael ; Aboul-Fadl, Tarek ; Roberts, Jeanette C 
92017The Potential Ameliorative Effect of Quercetin and/or L-Arginine against Liver Damage Induced by Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Adult Male MiceAmina Haroun, Wael M. El-Sayed, Rasha Hassan ; El-Sayed, Wael 
102016Potential ameliorative effect of Pterocarpus santalinus against streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus in adult male ratsRamy El-Badawy, Wael El-Sayed, Khairy Ibraheim, Nahla Hassan ; El-Sayed, Wael 
11Sep-2011Potential adverse effects of oseltamivir in rats: males are more vulnerable than femalesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Al-Kahtani, Mohamed Ali 
122015The possible ameliorative effects of rosemary and Co enzyme q10 against the hepatotoxicity induced by carbamazepine and acetaminophen in adult male ratsMarwa Hamido, Wael El-Sayed, Nashwah Mohamed, Sawsan Ahmed ; El-Sayed, Wael 
135-Sep-2013The position of imidazopyridine and metabolic activation are pivotal factors in the antimutagenic activity of novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivativesEl-Sayed, Wael ; Hussin, Warda A ; Al-Faiyz, Yasair S ; Ismail, Mohamed A 
142015Palliative activity of taurine against oxidative stress induced by Gamma radiation in male albino ratsEl-Maraghi EF, El-Sayed WM, Abdel-Fattah KI, Soliman SM ; El-Sayed, Wael 
159-May-2018Novel Nicotinonitrile Derivatives Bearing Imino Moieties Enhance Apoptosis and Inhibit Tyrosine KinaseElhashash, Maher ; El-Bordany, Eman ; Marzouk, Magda ; ElSayed, Abeer ; Nawar, Tarek ; El-Sayed, Wael 
162013Novel 4-substituted phenyl-2,2'-bichalcophenes and aza-analogs as antibacterial agents: a structural activity relationshipHussin, Warda A ; Ismail, Mohamed A ; El-Sayed, Wael 
17Feb-2007Murine hepatoma (Hepa1c1c7) cells: a responsive in vitro system for chemoprotective enzyme induction by organoselenium compoundsEl-Sayed, Wael ; Aboul-Fadl, Tarek ; Roberts, Jeanette C ; Lamb, John G ; Franklin, Michael R 
182015Molecular and biological characterization of homemade recombinant human interferon alpha 2bRasha Shaaban, Wael Elsayed, Ehab EL-Dabaa ; El-Sayed, Wael 
19May-2018Mitigation of Acute Aluminum Toxicity by Sodium Selenite and N-Acetylcysteine in Adult Male RatsNour-Eldein, Naglaa H ; Hassanin, El-Sayed A ; El-Sayed, Wael 
202014Investigating the relationship between estrogen and short stature among young females in GazaRashed H, El-Sayed WM, El-Yazji N ; El-Sayed, Wael