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Interests: psychiatric nursing and mental health,
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1Oct-2011Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetic Foot UlcersSoad M. Hegazy ; mourad, ghada ; Rania.A.Zaki ; Hamdi H. Emam 
22014Improving Coping Abilities Among Caregivers of Patients with Cerebrovascular StrokeRasmia A. Ali ; mourad, ghada ; Rania A. Zaki 
3Sep-2011Problems of Children with type 1 Diabetes and Their Caregivers' Burdensmourad, ghada ; Mona H. Abdel Al ; Safaa F. Draz ; Hematt A.Elsayed. 
4Jun-2007Counseling intervention for caregivers of patients with Alzheimermourad, ghada ; Nevein M. El Ashry, ; ramadan, sorayia ; Mona H. Abdel Al 
5 216The Effect of Mental Health Promotion Program on Psychosocial Adjustment Patterns of Secondary School StudentsRasmia A. Ali ; mourad, ghada ; Rania A. Zaki 
62016Scenario-Based Educational Program to Improve the Performance of Intensive Care Unit Nurses to Assess Elderly Patient with DeliriumZienab Mohammed Ibrahim, Nevein Mustafa, ; mourad, ghada 
7May-2011Quality of work life and job involvement among nurses working at Ain Shams University Hospitalsmourad, ghada ; faisal, dr samah ; Randa Mohamed 
8201620- Supportive Psychotherapy for Enhancing Quality of Life among Patients with DepressionHoda S. Mohamed, Tarek A. Abdu, Nevein M. Elashry, ; mourad, ghada 
91-Jan-2013Motivational Interviewing Strategy: Its Effect on University Nursing Students' Assertivenessmourad, ghada ; Ata, Fatma ; ramadan, sorayia 
10Dec-2016Effects of Counseling Intervention on awareness and burden of family caregivers of patients with bipolar disorderghada mourad ; Ata, Fatma 
11Apr-2015Effect of Supportive Care Activities on Negative Emotional Feelings and Psychosocial Condition of Orphan ChildrenHayam R. Tantawi ; mourad, ghada ; Safaa S. Ismael 
12Jun-2011Nature of nurses’ conflict in critical care unitsmourad, ghada ; Mona Hassan ; Rabab Mahmoud 
132016Psychosocial Nursing Intervention for Improving Quality Of Life of Patient with Multiple Sclerosisloutfi, zeinab ; mourad, ghada ; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim 
14Apr-2013Effect of Nursing Intervention Program on Sense of Competence, Shame and Coping Responses of Parents Having Children with Conduct Disordermourad, ghada ; Safaa S. Ismail 
15Apr-2015Effect of Orientation Guidelines on Responses and Coping Strategies Among Hospitalized High Risk Pregnant Womenmourad, ghada ; Eman Mostafa Sayed ; Nevin Samir Metwaly 
16Dec-2010Orientation Guidelines for Patients Undergoing Liver TransplantaionAbeer William Aziz, ; mourad, ghada 
17Apr-2013Effect of Nursing intervention program on Caring Styles and Coping Patterns of Parents Having Children with Down Syndromemourad, ghada ; Safaa S. Ismail 
18May-2013Awareness Program for Secondary School Students for Prevention of Substance Dependencemourad, ghada ; zeinab Hassan Hassan osman ; ramadan, sorayia 
19Sep-2010Assessment of mode of anger expression among adolescent students in Zagazig Universitymourad, ghada ; Safaa osman ; salwa abbass ; ramadan, sorayia 
20Jun-2012Quality of Life for Patients with Epilepsymourad, ghada ; Hoda S. Mohamed ; Nevein M. Elashry