Shaimaa Hassan Abd-Elrahman

Department of Soil Science - Agriculture
Interests: Soil science, plant nutrition and water quality studies, particularly on environmental pollution, soils reclamation, recycling of wastes, nano-particles, magnetized water and climate change,
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Shaimaa Hassan Abd-Elrahman
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12017Effect of some organic amendments on the availability and fractions of certain heavy metals of Abo Rawash soil and growing wheat plantsShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
22018Silicon behavior in soils contained different silicon and phosphorus concentrations using adsorption modelsHeba Y.A. Morsy; A.E. El-Leboudi; Wafaa M.T. El-Etr ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
32015Sustainable production of cabbage using different irrigation levels and fertilizer types affecting some soil chemical characteristicsAbdrabbo, M.A.A.; F.A. Hashem; M.A. Abul-Soud ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
42018Comparison between organic and mineral sources of potassium and their effects on potassium fractions in clay soil and productivity of potato plants under water stress conditionsNoura M. Taha ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
52012Effect of different amendments on soil chemical characteristics, grain yield and elemental content of wheat plants grown on salt-affected soil irrigated with low quality waterM.A.M. Mostafa, T.A. Taha, M.A.O. Elsharawy and M.A. Eid ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
62017Response of wheat plants to irrigation with magnetized water under Egyptian soil conditionsOsama A. Shalaby ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
72013Heavy Metals Distribution in Degraded Soils Irrigated with Waste WaterShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
82016Foliar selenium application to improve the tolerance of eggplant grown under salt stress conditionsAbul-Soud, M.A. ; Shaimaa Hassan Abd-Elrahman 
92016Greenhouse gas emission from cauliflower grown under different nitrogen rates and mulchesFarag, A.A. ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
102013Remediation of some Degraded Soils Using New TechniquesShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
112016Effect of phosphate and potassium fertilizer rates on potato plants grown under water stress conditionsHashem, F.A.; Noura M. Taha ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
122017Irrigation regime and soil conditioner to improve soil properties and pomegranate production in newly reclaimed sandy soilFarag, A.A.; A.A. Eltaweel; A.A. Ali and M.S.M. Ahmed ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
132015Heavy metals in soils with special reference to Egyptian soils and their characteristicsShaimaa Hassan Abd-Elrahman 
142016Soil chemical characteristics and growth of broccoli and cauliflower plants as affected by liquid organic fertilizers and irrigation water levelsHashem, F.A. ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
152017Effect of non-classic nitrogen fertilizers on soil chemical properties, growth of zucchini plants and N2O emissionManal M.H. Gad-Elmoula ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
162014Sustainable urban horticulture of sweet pepper via vermicomposting in summer seasonAbul-Soud, M.A.; M.S.A. Emam; M.A.A. Abdrabbo; F.A. Hashem ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
172015Applications of Nanotechnology in Agriculture: An OverviewMohamed A.M. Mostafa ; Shaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
182016Effect of unconventional phosphorus sources and phosphate solubilizing bacteria on fractions of phosphorus in a calcareous soil cultivated with wheat plantsShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman 
192012Distribution of heavy metals in soil and elemental content of lettuce plants as affected by different amendmentsShaimaa H. Abd-Elrahman ; M.A.M. Mostafa ; T.A. Taha 
202007Soil chemical properties and growth of cotton plant grown on saline-sodic soil treated with traditional and non-traditional amendments and irrigated with wastewaterShaimaa Abd-Elrahman ; M.A.O. Elsharawy ; T.A. Taha ; M.A.M. Mostafa