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Said, Mahmoud Mohamed
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11-Dec-2009Cyclooxygenase 2 and prostaglandin E2 are not involved in N-nitrosodiethylamine-initiated early rat hepatocarcinogenesisSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
21-Jan-2015Aloin: A natural antitumor anthraquinone glycoside with iron chelating and non-atherogenic activitiesEsmat A. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Khalil S. 
32-Nov-2018The Beneficial Radioprotective Effect of Tomato Seed Oil Against Gamma Radiation–Induced Damage in Male RatsEzz M. ; Ibrahim N. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Farrag M. 
41-Feb-2017The anti-inflammatory effect of montelukast, a cysteinyl leukotriene receptor-1 antagonist, against estradiol-induced nonbacterial inflammation in the rat prostateSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
51-Jan-2016The role of abnormal ketone bodies during insulin deficiency in streptozotocin induced diabetesBorai I. ; Ibrahim A. ; Ali M. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Hussien A. 
61-Apr-2017Phenolic constituents of Pulicaria undulata (L.) C.A. Mey. sub sp. undulata (Asteraceae): Antioxidant protective effects and chemosystematic significancesHussein S. ; Marzouk M. ; Soltan M. ; Soltan M. ; Ahmed E. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Hamed A. ; Hamed A. 
71-Mar-2017Neuroprotective effects of eugenol against aluminiuminduced toxicity in the rat brainSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
81-Nov-2002Chemoprevention of prostate carcinogenesis by DFMO and/or finasteride treatment in male Wistar ratsEsmat A. ; Refaie F. ; Shaheen M. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed 
91-Jan-2015Flaxseed Suppressed Prostatic Epithelial Proliferation in a Rat Model of Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
101-May-2012In vivo and in vitro studies on the antioxidant activity of aloin compared to doxorubicin in ratsEsmat A. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Hamdy G. ; Soliman A. ; Khalil S. 
111-Jan-2013Bioactive compounds, antioxidant potential, and hepatoprotective activity of sea cucumber (Holothuria atra) against thioacetamide intoxication in ratsEsmat A. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Soliman A. ; El-Masry K. ; Badiea E. 
121-Dec-2011The protective effect of eugenol against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity and oxidative damage in rat kidneySaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
131-Jun-2006Inhibition of prostate carcinogenesis in probasin/SV40 T antigen transgenic rats by leuprorelin, a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonistSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
1415-Apr-2013Postoperative simple biochemical markers for prediction of bone metastases in Egyptian breast cancer patientsMorcos N. ; Zakhary N. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; Tadros M. 
151-Aug-2017Protective effect of sulfated polysaccharide isolated from Ulva fasciata against galactosamine-induced liver injury in ratsSaid, Mahmoud Mohamed 
161-Oct-2017Antitumor and radiosensitizing synergistic effects of apigenin and cryptotanshinone against solid Ehrlich carcinoma in female miceMedhat A. ; Azab K. ; Said, Mahmoud Mohamed ; El Fatih N. ; El Bakary N.