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12004Structural characteristics and analysis of the Gebel El Halal fold, Northeast Sinai, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Hashem, W.A. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
21991Structural setting of the central part of the Cairo-Suez DistrictMoustafa, A.R. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
31992Transfer zones with en echelon faulting at the northern end of the Suez RiftMoustafa, A.R. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
411-Jun-2018Adequacy of carbonate aggregates as an alternative for chert aggregates in concrete manufacture.Abd-Allah, Ali ; Ashraf Baghdady ; Dawood, Y.H., 
52014Structural evolution of the southern transfer zone of the Gulf of Suez rift, EgyptAbd-Allah, Ali ; Mohamed H. Abdel Aal ; Mohamed M. El-Said ; Abd El Naby, Ahmed 
62014Structural evolution of the southern transfer zone of the Gulf of Suez rift, EgyptAli Mohamed Ali Abd-Allah ; M.H., El-Said ; M.M., Abd El-Naby, A. 
72008Late Cretaceous-Eocene reactivations of the Hatta shear zone, Northern Oman MountainsAbd-Allah, Ali ; Hashem, W., ; Abdelghany. O 
82017Integration of remote sensing technique and field data in geologic mapping of an ophiolitic suture zone in western Arabian ShieldAbdelmalik, Karim ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
92008Mesozoic-Cenozoic inversion tectonics of north Sinai: Integration of structural and basin analysisAbd-Allah, Ali 
101998Structural analysis of Nezzazat-El Tor fault blocks, eastern side of Suez riftAbd-Allah, Ali ; Nabih, N.A. 
111998Subsurface fault prediction in the central Gulf of Suez rift: using a fault model derived from the subsurface and outcrop dataNabih, N.A. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
122004Compressive strength of some carbonate rocks: problem and measurementsAbdel Aal, M H. ; Abd-Allah, Ali ; and Khafagy, A 
132005Geotechnical and geochemical assessment of the Eocene and Miocene clays, east of Cairo, EgyptAwad, S.A., Dawood, Y.H. ; Abd-Allah, Ali ; Sharafeldin, A. ; Agila, W. 
142004One million year old groundwater in the Sahara revealed by krypton-81 and chlorine-36Sturchio, N.C. ; Du, X. ; Purtschert, R. ; Lehmann, B.E. ; Sultan, M. ; Patterson, L.J. ; Lu, Z. T. ; Muller, P. ; Bigler, T. ; Bailey, K. ; Connor, T.P. ; Young, L. ; Lorenzo, R. ; Becker, R. ; El Alfy, Z. ; El Kaliouby, B. ; Dawood, Yehia ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
152003Structural geology of the southeastern segment of the Cairo-Suez district, EgyptYoussef, M.I. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
161990Mokattamian stratigraphy of northcentral Eastern Desert (south of Maadi-Qattamiya road)Strougo, A. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
171994The tectonic framework of the northeastern desert of Egypt and its hydrocarbon potentialAbd-Allah, Ali ; Bakry, G. 
182001Tectonic evolution of the northeastern part of the African continental marginHussein, I.M. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
192001Structural setting of the Giza Pyramids plateau and the effect of fractures and other factors on the stability of its monumental parts, Egypt.Dowidar, H.M. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
202008Structural evolution of the intracontinental Nile Valley rift, EgyptAbd-Allah, Ali