Ali Mohamed Ali Abd-Allah

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Ali Mohamed Ali Abd-Allah
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Abd-Allah, A.M.
Abd-Allah, A.M.A.
Abdallah, A.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
111-Jun-2018Adequacy of carbonate aggregates as an alternative for chert aggregates in concrete manufacture.Abd-Allah, Ali ; Ashraf Baghdady ; Dawood, Y.H., 
22004Compressive strength of some carbonate rocks: problem and measurementsAbdel Aal, M H. ; Abd-Allah, Ali ; and Khafagy, A 
32005Cosmogenic, radiogenic, and stable isotopic constraints on groundwater residence time in the Nubian Aquifer, Western Desert of EgyptPatterson, L.J. ; Sturchio, N.C. ; Kennedy, B.M. ; Soest, C.; Sultan, M. ; Tian Lu, Z. ; Lehmann, B.E. ; Purtschert, R. ; El Alfy, Z. ; El Kaliouby, B. ; Dawood, Yehia ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
4Apr-2019Emplacement levels and pre-existing structures control mechanisms and host rock interactions of three granitic plutons, western Arabian ShieldAli Mohamed Ali Abd-Allah ; El-Fakharani ; Abdulrahman Shujoon ; Zakaria Hamimi ; El‑Sawy K. El‑Sawy 
52014Fatima suture: A new amalgamation zone in the western Arabian Shield, Saudi ArabiaAbd-Allah, Ali ; Ahmed A. H. ; Abdelhamid El-Fakharani., ; El-Sawy E.K. ; Ali, K.A. 
62002Fault propagation folding in the October field, north Gulf of Suez, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Abd-Allah, Ali ; Reda, T. 
72001Folding and faulting of neoautochthonous sequence in the Al Fayah fold belt: Northern Oman Mountains, United Arab EmiratesAbd-Allah, Ali 
82005Geotechnical and geochemical assessment of the Eocene and Miocene clays, east of Cairo, EgyptAwad, S.A., Dawood, Y.H. ; Abd-Allah, Ali ; Sharafeldin, A. ; Agila, W. 
92017Integration of remote sensing technique and field data in geologic mapping of an ophiolitic suture zone in western Arabian ShieldAbdelmalik, Karim ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
102008Late Cretaceous-Eocene reactivations of the Hatta shear zone, Northern Oman MountainsAbd-Allah, Ali ; Hashem, W., ; Abdelghany. O 
112008Mesozoic-Cenozoic inversion tectonics of north Sinai: Integration of structural and basin analysisAbd-Allah, Ali 
122009Mineralogy and Chemical compositions of shallow marine clays, East of Cairo, Egypt: A Geotechnical perceptionAbd-Allah, Ali ; Dawood, Y., ; Awad, S. ; Igela, W. 
131990Mokattamian stratigraphy of northcentral Eastern Desert (south of Maadi-Qattamiya road)Strougo, A. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
142004One million year old groundwater in the Sahara revealed by krypton-81 and chlorine-36Sturchio, N.C. ; Du, X. ; Purtschert, R. ; Lehmann, B.E. ; Sultan, M. ; Patterson, L.J. ; Lu, Z. T. ; Muller, P. ; Bigler, T. ; Bailey, K. ; Connor, T.P. ; Young, L. ; Lorenzo, R. ; Becker, R. ; El Alfy, Z. ; El Kaliouby, B. ; Dawood, Yehia ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
152009Post-subduction deformations of the northwestern end of Hatta shear zone, El Rawdah area, Northern Oman MountainsAbd-Allah, Ali ; Hashem, W., ; Abdelghany. O. 
162014Rock slope stability and design in Arafat-Muzdalifa area, Saudi ArabiaAbd-Allah, Ali ; El-Sawy, K.S. ; Abu Seif, E.S. ; El-Fakharani, A.S. ; Sharaf, M.A., 
171998Structural analysis of Nezzazat-El Tor fault blocks, eastern side of Suez riftAbd-Allah, Ali ; Nabih, N.A. 
182013Structural and tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Upper Cretaceous-Oligocene sequence in Malaqit-El Saah range, United Arab of EmiratesAbd-Allah, Ali ; Hashem, W., ; Abdelghany. O. 
192004Structural characteristics and analysis of the Gebel El Halal fold, Northeast Sinai, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Hashem, W.A. ; Abd-Allah, Ali 
202008Structural characteristics and deformation of the northern part of the central dip province of the Suez rift, EgyptAbd-Allah, Ali