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elhamouly, Hayam


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Cladistic analysis of the antlions (Family: Myrmeleontidae) of Egyptelhamouly, Hayam ; Samy Zalat ; Sohair M. Gadalla 
22006Taxonomic study on family Phaneropteridae (Orthoptera -Tettigonoidea) of EgyptRawda M. Badawy ; elhamouly, Hayam 
31999Two new recorded species of family Myrmeleontidae (order Neuroptera) from Sinai,Egyptelhamouly, Hayam 
42006Systematic study of family Hetrodidae (Tettigonoidea -Orthoptera) from Egypt.Rawda M. Badawy ; elhamouly, Hayam 
52001Taxonomic review of the families Belostomatidae, Nepidae and Pleidae from Egypt (aquatic Hemiptera).Sohair M. Gadalla ; elhamouly, Hayam ; Rowaida Salah Ahmed 
62006A new neuropteran species, family Myrmeleontidae from Gabal Elba, with notes on genus Nohoveus Navas of Egypt.elhamouly, Hayam ; Rawda M. Badawy 
72011Checklist of order Neuroptera in Egypt, with a key to familieselhamouly, Hayam ; Hassan H. Fadl 
82004Prevalence of dipterous flies associated with human and animal diseases in Al-Obour and 6th October wholesale markets, Egypt.Azza S.Abd El-Halim ; Sohair M. Gadalla ; elhamouly, Hayam 
92016Taxonomic study of the main families of Egyptian Coleoptera with forensic ImportanceRabab F. Sawaby ; elhamouly, Hayam ; Reham H. Abo-El Ela 
102005Taxonomic study on subfamily Oxyrhachinae (Homoptera-Membracidae) from Egypt.elhamouly, Hayam ; Rawda M. Badawy 
112009Cuticulear hydrocarbons profiles of seven common Egyptian mantisSalwa K. Mohammad ; Sohair M.Gad Allah ; elhamouly, Hayam ; Mohammad G. El-Din 
122009Review of family Berothidae (order Neuroptera) in Egyptelhamouly, Hayam 
132011Mantodea of EgyptSalwa K. Mohammad ; Sohair M.Gad Allah ; elhamouly, Hayam ; Reinhard ehrmann ; Mohammad G. El-Din 
142011A new species of genus Philbyella China, 1938 (Nogodinidae, Fulgoromorpha, Hemiptera) from Gabal Elba, EgyptSawaby, Rabab ; Rawda M. Badawy ; elhamouly, Hayam 
15Feb-2018Diagnosis and keys of the main dipterous families and species collected from rabbit and guinea pig carcasses in Cairo, EgyptSawaby, Rabab ; elhamouly, Hayam ; Reham H. Abo-El Ela