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Selim, Dr.shawky
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119941,2-Dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine, 1,2-dipalmitoyl phosphatidic acid or 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol inhibit sporangia formation and promote exponential growth of various Frankia isolates from the Casuarinaceae family.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Schwencke, J. 
21994Antibiotic-resistant derivatives from Frankia strains of the Casuarina and Allocasuarina genera. In “Nitrogen Fixation with Non-Legumes ”N. A. Hegazi, M. Fayez and M. Monib (Eds).Selim, Dr.shawky ; Schwencke, J. 
32007Evaluation of carotenoids produced by Rhodotorula glutinis using bioreactor with different feeding techniques on albino ratsGamal , Rawia F. ; hemmat M. Abd Elhady ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; A.F. Hussein 
42012Evaluation of phytotoxicity of compost during composting process.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Mona S. Zayed ; Atta, H. M. 
52013Evaluation of Probiotic Bacteria Exo-polysaccharides on Immune System.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Gehan F. Galal ; Sharaf. M. S ; Mona S. Zayed 
61987Growth Kinetics of Azotobacter strains in batch culture.Zaki, M.M. ; Saleh, E.A. ; Abd EL-Hafez, A. E., ; Selim, Dr.shawky 
72010Identification of some local Frankia strains based on physiological and BASED molecular variation. Pak.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Mona M. Orabi ; A.A.M. Abdel-Hafez ; Sonya H.M. Hussein 
82010In vitro evaluation of some bacterial isolates as biofertilizers and biocontrol agents against the second stage juveniles of Meloidogyne incognita.El-Hadad, M E. ; Mustafa, M.I. ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; Mahgoob, A E. A. ; El-Tayeb T.S. ; Norhan H. Abed Aziz 
92005Induction of nodule primordial in soybean and vigna by nod signals (LCOs) extracted from Bradyrhizobium japonicum with a broad- host-range.Selim, Dr.shawky 
102011Microbial Production of Biosurfactants from Some El-Korma Governorate Microbial Isolates for Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills in the Different EnvironmentsBayoumi, R.A. ; Atta, H.M. ; El-Sehrawey, M.H. ; Selim, Dr.shawky 
112011Microbial production of thermo-alkaliphilic enzymes from El-Khorma governorate for application in biodetergent technologyBayoumi, R.A. ; Atta, H.M. ; El-sehrawey, M.H. ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; El-Hemiany, A. 
122007Morphological and LECULAR characterization of Ectomycorrhizal fungi isolated from Egyptian Environment.Mona, S. Zaye. ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; Wedad, E. Eweeda ; M.K.Ali ; A. Hazem 
132012Natamycin Antibiotic Produced By Streptomyces sp.: Fermentation, Purification And Biological ActivitiesAtta, H M ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; Mona S. Zayed 
142010The nematicidal effect of same Meloidogyne incognhta in sandy soil Baraz.El-Hadad, M E. ; Mustafa, M.I. ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; Mahgoob, A E. A. ; El-Tayeb T.S. ; Norhan H. Abdel Aziz 
151987Preparation of Azotobacter inoculants.Saleh E.A. ; Zaki, M. M. ; Selim, Dr.shawky 
162005Rhizobacteria producing growth promoting substances as a bio-control agent against R. Solani and F. Solani causing root rot disease of tomato seedlingsEbtsam, M. Morsy ; Selim, Dr.shawky ; S.A. El-sayed ; M.M. zaki 
171995Simple and reproducible nodulation test for Casuarina – compatible Frankia strains: Inhibition of nodulation and plant performance by some cations.Selim, Dr.shawky ; Schwenke, J. 
181987Use of Azotobacter as a biofertilizer in wheat.Zaki, M. M. ; Saleh, E. A. ; Abd EL-Hafez, A . E., ; Selim, Dr.shawky