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12002Electrodeposition and characterization of Co-Cr alloys from gluconate-formate bathAbd El Rehim, S.S. ; Ibrahim, Magdy ; Emad, M. ; Dankeria, M.M. 
2Jun-2008Zinc Coatings on Steel by Electrodeposition from Complexing Alkaline Ammoniacal BathsIbrahim, Magdy 
31998The effect of AC superimposed on DC on the electroplating of Iron-Cobalt alloysS S Abd El Rehim ; Ibrahim, Magdy 
42015New non-cyanide acidic copper electroplating bath based on glutamate complexing agentIbrahim, Magdy ; R.S. Bakdash 
52-Jul-2014Zinc coatings of high hardness on steel by electrodeposition from glutamate complex bathsIbrahim, Magdy ; R. S. Bakdash 
61998Electroplating of Cobalt from Aqueous Citrate BathsSayed S. Abd El Rehim ; Saad M. Abd El Wahaab ; Ibrahim, Magdy ; Marwan M. Dankeria 
72006Induced electrodeposition of tungsten with nickel from acidic citrate electrolyteIbrahim, Magdy ; S.S. ABD EL REHIM ; S.O. MOUSSA 
82002The electrochemical behavior and characterization of the anodic oxide film formed on titanium in NaOH solutionIbrahim, Magdy ; Mashiro Yoshimura ; Dujreutei 
92006Electrochemical Polymerization of 3-Methoxyaniline and Characterization of the Obtained PolymerIbrahim, Magdy ; S. M. Sayyah ; S. M. Kamal ; S. S. Abd El-Rehim 
102007Synergistic Effect between PECTF and Iodide Ion on Nickel Electrodeposition from a Watts BathIbrahim, Magdy ; S.N. Alamri 
112009Corrosion behavior of some austenitic stainless steels in chloride environmentsIbrahim, Magdy ; M.M. Hamza ; S.S. Abd El Rehim, 
122014Inhibition of Pitting Corrosion of Some Austenitic Stainless Steel Samples in 2.5 M Nacl Solution by 3- Amino-1, 2, 4-TriazoleIbrahim, Magdy ; S. S. Abd El Rehim ; M. M. Hamza 
132015Noncrystalline cobalt coatings on copper substrates by electrodeposition from complexing acidic glycine bathsIbrahim, Magdy ; Rasha M. Al Radadi 
142003Electrodeposition of noncrystalline cobalt–tungsten alloys from citrate electrolytesIbrahim, Magdy ; S.S. ABD EL REHIM ; S.O. MOUSSA 
152002Electrodeposition of cobalt from gluconate electrolyteIbrahim, Magdy ; M.M. DANKERIA ; S.S. ABD EL REHIM 
162001The inhibition of 4-(20-amino-50-methylphenylazo) antipyrine on corrosion of mild steel in HCl solutionS.S. Abd El Rehima ; Ibrahim, Magdy ; K.F. Khalid 
172006Black nickel electrodeposition from a modified Watts bathIbrahim, Magdy 
182015New Cyanide-Free Ammonia Bath for Brass Alloy Coatings on Steel Substrate by ElectrodepositionIbrahim, Magdy ; Rashed S. Bakdash 
192013Inhibition effect of hexadecyl pyridinium bromide on the corrosion behavior of some austenitic stainless steels in H2SO4 solutionsIbrahim, Magdy ; M.M. Hamza ; S.S. Abd El Rehim 
202004Electrodeposition of Lead from Acetate Electrolyte Containing AdditivesIbrahim, Magdy ; M. A. Abbass ; M. A. Amin