Adly, Randa

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Adly, Randa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2014Improving Nurses' Compliance with Standard Precautions of Infection Control in Pediatric Critical Care UnitsAdly, Randa ; Magda Ahamed Abd El Aziz ; Fatma M. Amin 
2Aug-2018Improving Nurses' Performance Towards Non- Pharmacological Pain Management Among Neonates In Neonatal Intensive Care UnitAdly, Randa ; Doaa Elsayed Abd El- Aziz, ; Shadia Mostafa El Sallab ; Magda Ahmed Abd El Aziz 
3Apr-2015The Relation between Pediatric Nurses’ Moral Distress and their Performance in Pediatric Critical Care Unitselsayed, salma ; Hyam Refaat Tantawy ; Adly, Randa