Hashem, Ahmed

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Hashem, Ahmed
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Professor of Organic Chemistry
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119795-Oxo-2-pyrroIines from -butenolidesHashem, Ahmed 
21974Action of diazoalkanes on Phenanthrenequinone and chrysenequinoneHashem, Ahmed 
31975Action of diazomethane on indan-1,2,3-trione and perinaphthindan-1,2,3-trioneHashem, Ahmed 
42008Antibacterial activity of chitosan chemically modified with new techniqueHashem, Ahmed 
52012Antimicrobial activity of novel aminated chitosan derivatives for biomedical applicationsHashem, Ahmed 
62009Arylation of 3-heterylmethylene-5-arylfuran-2(3H)-thionesHashem, Ahmed 
72018Batch bioethanol production via the biological and chemical saccharification of some egyptian marine macroalgaeHashem, Ahmed 
82001Behavior of 2(3H)- and 2(5H)-furanones having no exocyclic double bond towards some nitrogen nucleophilesHashem, Ahmed 
92006Behavior of 3-benzylamino-5-aryl-2(3H)-furanones towards some nitrogen nucleophilesHashem, Ahmed ; Abou-Elmagd, W.S.I. 
102016Behavior of some 2(3H)-furanones bearing a chromone moiety as alkylating agentsEl-Ziaty, A.K. ; Abou-Elmagd, W.S.I. ; Ramadan, S.K. ; Hashem, Ahmed ; Ramadan, Sayed 
112006Behaviour of some 2(3H)-furanones bearing a pyrazolyl group as alkylating agentsHashem, Ahmed ; Abou-Elmagd, W.S.I. 
121978Behaviour of some -butenolides towards FriedeI-Crafts alkylation with benzene, toluene and anisoleHashem, Ahmed 
131977Benzofuran derivatives from -butenolidesHashem, Ahmed 
141991Benzothiophene derivatives from 2-(3H)-furanonesHashem, Ahmed 
152014The biosorption of phenol from petroleum refinery wastewater using spent waste biomassHashem, Ahmed 
161974Bromination of some aromatic compounds by means of bromine in tetrachloroethane mediumHashem, Ahmed 
171983Bromination of some aromatic compounds by means of bromine in acetic acid mediumHashem, Ahmed 
181973Bromination of some aromatic compounds by means of bromine in chlorosulphonic acid mediumHashem, Ahmed 
192001The chemistry of 2(5H)-furanonesHashem, Ahmed ; Kleinpeter, E. 
202018Chemistry of phosphorus ylides: Part 45 synthesis of phosphoranylidene, thietane, azetidine and thiazinane derivatives as potent chemo preventative agentsHashem, Ahmed