Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Athletes

Aly Hossam Mowafy


Mechanical trauma. from feet pounding the ground during adi\ iticsuch as running or high impact aerobics. can accelerate red blood cell destruction''hich leads to a further reduction in iron. The aim of this work was to stud;. the mechanism of anemia in athlck•s. ''ith regards to the iron status. in an effort to increase awareness about this condition. This study included 48 adult athletes di,•idcd into 2CJ males and I<) females. as well as 18 age and sex matched scdcntar:- wntrols. Our study revealed a signilicant dccn.:.tse of llh 111 g;. mnast gnn1p 111 comparison with the runner group. Also there was a signi licant decrease or llh in laC\\ knndn groUt' in cnmpari'<'ll with both runner and control group. T\•lenses arc a major cause of iron loss in female athletes \\•Pm •n "n a\ eragc lose about=::: 0.6 mg or more of iron per da:- ''hen m •nstruating. In our study blood ferritin concentration positively correlated ''ith senam iron. In our study the percent iron saturation was signi licantl) lo\\cr in ( i) mnastic and Taewkondo than runner group. Training by itself can alsu be responsible f(n the apparent chang :s in th: iron stores. Thus it \\•as demonstrated that ll.:rritin Ien-Is llf some athktcdccr •:h •d 11r incr :ascd too rapidly to be attrihut :d onl) to hacnwl;.sis. hlc •ding nr \\eating n\t:r :1 33-weck training p :riod. We recommend that the nutritional and iron status of highl;. acti\ • ;. "ung athletes should be carefully monitored-n:gardlcss of their sport or gend •r-particularl) those engaged in sports by a limited tllt•d intal,:.. \thkt : hlltlill especially be educated regarding an iron-rich diet.

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Other Titles أنيميا نقص الحديد فى الرياضيين
Keywords Iron, Ferritin, TII3C. Athletes.
Issue Date 2001

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