Galanin and Galanin-Like peptide: Molecular and biochemical properties

Yasmin Yehia Khater


Galanin is a 29-30 aminoacid residue neuropeptide ths.t was named from first and last amino acid in its porcine sequence; glycine and alanine. Galanin-lik.e peptide is a 60 amino acid neuropeptide that shows a partial sequence homology with galanin. Galanin and GALP are expressed abundantly in many regions of the brain and periphery and have been implicated in numerous physiological processes such as pain perception, memory, depression, behavior, body weight, reproduction, endocrine system and body fluid balance.

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Other Titles المنظور الجزيئي والكيميائي الحيوي للجالاتين والببتيد المماثل للجالاتين
Keywords Galanin - Galanin like peptide- Neuropeptide
Issue Date 2006

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