Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Children with Hirsh Sprung Disease (HSD)

Marwa Mohammed Abo Baker Abd El-khalik,


his study was aimedto assess QOL for children withHirsh Sprung's diseasethrough assessing the physical functioning, emotional functioning, social and emotional functioning as well as general well being.
A purposive sample composed of all available thirty children, aged from 6months to 2.5 years with confirmed diagnosis HSDand their mothers had been chosen randomly from Inpatient Departmentsof surgical departments in children Hospital affiliated to–AinShams University Hospitals and Cairo University Hospitals.
An initial pilot study was carried out to agroup of 10 children sufferingHSD and their mothers, in order to test the study tool. Accordingly omission of unneeded and repeated questions, adding missed question was done. The revised final form was used. All the result of pilot study was not included in the sample of the study.
A letter of proposal from the dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Ain Shams University,was presented to Director of Ain Shams University Hospitals and Cairo University Hospitals. It was addressed to each director of the previously mentioned settings to obtain their approval to conduct the study. The research approval was obtained from scientific research ethical committee in Faculty of Nursing at Ain Shams University before starting the study Oral approval was obtained from mothers. They assured that the information collectedtreated confidentially and that it used only for the purpose of the research.

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Title Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Children with Hirsh Sprung Disease (HSD)
Other Titles العوامل المؤثرة علي جودة الحياة للأطفالالمصابين بالانسداد المعوى الغير مكتسب
Authors Marwa Mohammed Abo Baker Abd El-khalik
Issue Date 2015
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/25598

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