Leveling By Using Global.Positioning System

Mosbeh Rashed Mosbeh


According to wide spread use of satellite based positioning techniques, especially GPS (Global Positioning System), a greater attention has started to be paid to precise determination of geoid models with an aim to replace , the geometric leveling measurements with GPS measurements during geodetic and surveying works. This research discusses methodology used in the construction of a Egyptian local geoid with high accuracy, numerical solution of geoid modeling determination applying surface fitting; polynomial, least square collocation and minimum curvature surface are presented for deriving the system of linear equations from boundary integral equation. In addition a comparative study of these three popular interpolation techniques, mainly it is going to emphasize the applicability of interpolation techniques 'as a tool for modeling the geoid in a local area precisely using GPS!Leveling data to serve practical applications of geodesy. Also, the obtained results revealed that, the applicability of MCS technique as a tool for determining the precise lbcal geoid in Egypt with law distortion at common points.

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Other Titles عمل الميزانيات باستخدام نظام الرصد العالمى بالاقمار الصناعية
Issue Date 2005
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/2641

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